MAKEUP | COVERGIRL Katy Kat Gloss aka A Crazy Cat Lady's Dream

I bought this because it had a cat on top. End review. Ha, I'm sure some of you would have been amused with such brevity! Many of you are crazy cat ladies like myself and when I saw these COVERGIRL Katy Kat Glosses with silver cat heads on top I just about lost my s***. Coming in 12 outlandish shades (for the most part), these high shine babies have been created in collaboration with Katy Perry that promise pigmentation and shine all with a smooth, hydrating feel. Most of the lip colours were just too strange for me to spend my money on, considering I have enough blues, greens and purples from NYX, so when they went on sale for Boxing Day at London Drugs I picked up the two most likely colours I would wear which were "Cateloupe" and "Purrple Paws". Good ones, right?

Look at those happy little cat heads! This is about where the happiness level stopped for me because the formula wasn't the best, but packaging was very cute.

We've got your standard small doe-foot applicator, but I found that maybe it was a combination of the size of the applicator as well as the somewhat dry gloss formula that made application a bit annoying. I kept having to dip the wand back in multiple times in order to fully cover my lips as the formula wasn't very spreadable nor did I find it as high shine as promised.

These swatches are after a few swipes to build up to the present colour and though they are both pretty, I feel a bit disappointed by them. Maybe it's just the two glosses I have? I tried looking for swatches online, but was unable to find any so if anyone can tell me if their glosses have better formulation let me know!

Final verdict: If you love cats and having novelty cat things then these will satisfy that craving. Sure, I will still use these as lip gloss, but they would not be my go-to nude and purple options as I have glosses from drugstore to luxury that have far better payoff than these guys. 

The COVERGIRL Katy Kat Glosses are available at mass drugstores now.

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