NAILS | Two Timing the Purples #ManiMonday

I am pretty happy right now because I am currently on staycation! I had 7 vacation days that I needed to use up by the end of the fiscal year and the timing was just perfect because I was about ready to kill people by the end of last week. I had my Sage diffuser running on overtime and then the adaptor broke and I was going mental with just spraying aromatherapy spray above my head. Thankfully, I stopped by one of the Sage stores to ask about buying an adaptor to which the sales associate responded with "Oh, I think I have an extra one in the back!" She gave me one for free and I bought three more essential oil blends: Exhale, Quick Study and Immune. All blends that are VERY appropriate for the workplace. Can't have anyone falling asleep!

OPI Iceland Collection 2017

Today's #ManiMonday involves the OPI Iceland Collection that you probably haven't seen me post a lot about in the last couple of months even though there are some really beautiful shades. To date, this is one of the most challenging collections I have ever had in my possession because I just can't seem to find a cohesive thread between more than two shades at any given time. I feel like I am always missing something so while EACH shade can stand on its own, the struggle to make them work together is real.

Ever since I sprayed my hair purple with the L'Oreal Colorista Spray, purple has been my shade of choice so I decided to have some fun with different polish finishes by first applying two coats of OPI One Heckla of a Color!* and then OPI Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots* in a slight crescent shape. 

OPI Iceland Collection 2017

I realized that the two shades were so similar that the difference was hard to see even in the light, so I added my trusty round gold studs from Born Pretty to make a little divide and it seemed to work! I sealed it all in with my Maxus Top Coat* because it's shiny and less viscous than some of my other high shine top coats and can smoothly cover studs without "caking" them up.

OPI Iceland Collection 2017

It is raining cats and dogs here in Vancouver and even with all of my lights on, it feels like 7pm even though it's noon. How is your day going?

You can purchase the OPI Iceland Collection from salons, some drugstores and e-tailers across Canada.

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