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LOL. That is really how I need to start off this final skincare review for the month because this product was just kind of silly and I was highly amused the whole time I was wearing it. I have now gone into the sheet mask zone of true "skintertainment" with the Etude House Calming Cheek Patch (~$2 USD). These gelatinous patches promise to brighten, firm, moisturize and calm red and irritated cheeks. There are also other "patches" in this series for laugh lines and other parts of the face. Let's find out if these cheek masks worked!

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch

I went on a bit of face mask binge at Cosmetic Love for Boxing Day and wanted to try some different products when the packaging of the Etude House cheek patches immediately caught my eye because, well, CAT. It doesn't get better than a cat wearing cheek patches.

I have naturally reddish cheeks from broken capillaries and over exfoliating in my younger years so while it doesn't really bother me, there are certain times of the year when these capillaries seem more prominent so when after a half glass of wine at the Mugler Aura event I came home and my cheeks had taken on that "Asian charm" I knew it was a good time to break these out!

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Review

With regards to ingredients, the only thing that really jumps out at me is niacinamide for brightening which is near the top of the ingredients list so yay for that! There is also aloe which would soothe any redness or "hot" areas and I will admit that I did feel cool relief when I slapped these babies on.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Review

The cheek patches are very much like a hydrogel mask material and have a pattern printed on them. I think it is a cat, but I cannot be sure. Though these came sealed and in essence, I felt like there wasn't enough of it to keep the patches "glued" on to my skin so if I did even a Mona Lisa smile, the edges would start to lift and bubble. They did keep my cheeks very cool and comfortable and when it was time to remove them, the redness and capillary lines were decreased! I rubbed in the remaining essence which left a very slight tacky residue on my cheeks.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Review

Final verdict: The effects of this mask lasted for a couple of hours so if you are just needing some immediate redness relief before going out these will do the trick. I wouldn't make this a regular thing as there are quite a number of products out there that take care of redness and brightening (um, hi every Asian skincare product out there) in more cost-effective forms. This was good for a laugh though and it was kind of a bonus that the effects lasted as long as they did!

I know all you guys have really seen this month is my bare face wearing some crazy masks, but it was all for this month's CBB theme of skincare! Did you guys enjoy the theme?

The Etude House Calming Cheek Patch is available at a number of Korean beauty e-tailers.

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