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When I had virgin hair, the words "clay" and "rebalancing" would not freak me out like they do now. I recently used a "clarifying and rebalancing" treatment from a very expensive haircare brand and was shocked at how drying it was for my hair. It honestly destroyed it to the point where I had STICKS of straw for hair and I had to mask and oil my hair like crazy to even get it back to half the softness it was. When Live Clean released their Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner, I hesitated with trying it because I couldn't have what happened before happen again! 

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This duo contains three types of mineral clay: kaolin, montmorillonite and bentonite which remove build-up on the scalp and absorb oil, but still have a formula that hydrates the ends of the hair. In my head, having clay meant DRYING, but with the way my hair is, I try not to wash it more than twice a week which means I am using dry shampoo in between washes meaning BUILD-UP. My ends are super dry so I have used two shampoos in the past to take care of the two different "climates" my hair suffers from!

Even though there are the three types of clay, Live Clean has still managed to create a formula that is effective, but not harsh. Oddly enough, the supposedly nourishing Biotin line did not work for my hair (review), but this Mineral Clay line seemed to be okay! It had a refreshing and clean scent, with a satisfying lather on the shampoo despite being SLS-free, and removed all of my dry shampoo build-up without stripping my hair and scalp of moisture. The conditioner was fairly hydrating though I found that I still needed a quick 5 minute hair mask to give my hair the additional oils and moisture it so desperately needs 24-7! I now use a hair mask every time I wash my hair and have found that the overall condition of my hair has improved.

Final verdict: I found this duo to be surprisingly effective at removing build-up and making my finicky scalp happy even though the focus is more on oily scalps. It is difficult to find clarifying shampoos that do the job without killing my colour-treated hair and even though I needed that extra boost of conditioning, this is probably my favourite clarifying shampoo to date!

You can find Live Clean at major drugstores across Canada.

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