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In my post for the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation, I had said that the event took place at Curlique which is partly a makeup school and retail store carrying some pretty cool brands in addition to MUFE. One of the brands that caught my eye that night was LA-based, The Crème Shop because they had SO MANY animal print sheet masks! I know that prints aren't really the best when it comes to skincare benefits, but man do they help with lifting your mood and making people laugh! In the end, I find myself balancing my mask stash with both fun and effective masks like this Glow Up, Skin! Animated Unicorn Face Mask!

The Internet LOVES unicorns and especially in the beauty world, unicorn brushes, powders and/or serums are all the rage so when I saw this mask and its holographic packaging with the words "Special Edition with Rainbow Shimmer Essence", how could any hot-blooded beauty lover resist?! This mask promises to add sparkle to dull skin and contains actual pearl powder for a truly natural glow.

It's funny how when it comes to sheet masks, moreso the non-printed ones, the packaging is so vital even though they all look the same once they are on the face. It can be the most amazing mask in terms of results, but if it doesn't have sexy packaging, no one is going to even give it a second look! I guess this goes for any beauty product, but there is something about a sheet mask with bright colours and fun cartoons that excites ALL ages!

It's funny, but I thought I would have a more pronounced unicorn horn, but alas it was a baby one! I wanted to pull a Michael Scott and sing "My horn can pierce the skyyyy!" The fit below the eye area was not fantastic with the chin area being stiff and unable to flatten. I saw someone cut down the middle of the chin and lip area on IG and then overlap the excess which is something I will try next time because a number of the Creme Shop masks I have tried fit similarly to this one.

As cute as the mask was, I wasn't a fan of the scent. I found it so overwhelmingly floral and perfumey which I feel sheet masks need not be UNLESS the existing ingredients have such a distinctive scent that this type of fragrance is the only thing that can cover it up.

The essence was watery and indeed had an iridescent shimmer to it that made the mask that much more fun to wear!

After removing the mask, I was a bit disappointed with the results in the sense that I had a glow, but the pink pearl essence had patched onto the areas around my nose so it sort of sat there like a residue instead of looking like part of my skin.

Mask Summary:

Scent: Like a very strong soap. Scent did not fade over time.
Duration: 10-15 minutes
Thickness: Thick due to unicorn pattern.
Mask Fit: Sheet was stiff and did not adhere well especially around the chin area.
Tackiness: Light to no tackiness
Hydration: Good

Final verdict: I do not regret trying the mask as it was too cute to resist, but the results were OK. The ingredients were decent, but maybe the thicker mask material prevented the good stuff from really having an effect. The scent was also something I didn't love though I have seen other reviews from people saying they loved it so it's all very personal and I am someone who prefers to have no scent in their sheet masks. I don't think I will use it again, BUT I am going to be giving one away shortly ;-)

You can find The Creme Shop Sheet Masks at Curlique in downtown Vancouver.

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