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This did not work for me. Normally, we all save our blogs to usually write about things we love and adore, but this is something that I tried so hard to love because why? It seemed to literally work for everyone else. I adore Live Clean products and their bath products fare better than their hair products for me because of how chemically processed my hair is. Now, that rainbow/unicorn hair is in I figure I can't possibly be the only one who struggles to keep my hair happy, can I?

Live Clean has some pretty awesome botanical-based haircare with the Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner* being released earlier this year. This is a restorative series made with biotin, ginseng and lavender (all three are near the top of the ingredients list!) to increase hair thickness, shine, volume and overall manageability. We all know how good biotin is for hair and nails and while ginseng and lavender restore moisture and give shine. Sounds PERFECT for what was at the time my green and blue hair, right?

Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner Review

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the state of my hair, when I started the review process my hair had been bleached 3x and the only hair products my hair seemed to respond to were ones with silicones for slip and provided a whackload of moisture. I also need hair oil like nobody's business.

So, scent of this duo is good -almost fruity and makes you feel happy. The shampoo felt perfectly cleansing and lathery in the shower and when it was time to use the conditioner, my hair felt smooth as well as manageable. It also felt thicker by the time I had squeezed the excess water out of my hair. I blow dried my hair as per normal and then here is when things just went awry.

Once my hair was fully dry WITH hair oil, I looked like I had the hair of a witch. It looked and felt so dry and crunchy. I went to curl my hair with my ghd flat iron, which I do all the time, and there was a TON of resistance. I could barely curl it. It ended up looking so kinked that I had a picture to show you all and now I cannot find it. I looked like a GoT wildling with crazy straw hair that could defy gravity. I did not want to believe that this duo that worked for everyone else wasn't going to even work A LITTLE for me so I used it again. Same results. I work a job where appearance is everything and I couldn't tolerate the witch hair any longer.

Final verdict: At the same time I was using this duo, my husband was too and HIS hair looked so soft and fluffy! His hair responded SO WELL to this so I'm going to have to say that if your hair is heavily processed, you will need to bring out the big guns because this had the complete opposite effect on my hair. Actually, I got the thickness and volume, but lost out on the manageability which made me sad because this is one of the few products from Live Clean that just did not work for me. So, suffice it say if you have normal to perhaps lightly treated hair then sure, but hair like mine with tons of "emotional" baggage? No!

Live Clean is available at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs.

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