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I honestly thought I had been chatting waaaay too much about haircare last year, but when I look back at blog posts from 2018 there really weren't that many in comparison to skincare or makeup! I use so many different hair products and even though I still have an overwhelming amount of haircare to share with you, much of what I use depends on the current colour of my hair. When I have blue or purple hair, I tend to stick with just colour-preserving shampoos in comparison to when I am blonde-ish and need to go back to purple shampoo. I will be sticking with dark blue for now until probably the Spring and because I haven't had to bleach my hair since last May it actually feels like relatively normal hair again. 

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Back in the summer of 2017 when I was a blonde, I was introduced to a clean hair care brand, created by Shelby Wild, called Playa which was about to launch in the US.When I asked Shelby if this would bring my straw-like blonde hair back to life without silicones, she assured me that these products were designed for blonde, at the beach, sun-stripped hair and would bring it back to life and then some. Well, colour me CONVINCED! I received these products to try far too long ago and now that Sephora Canada carries the brand it feels better to talk about them since I am more than likely going to recommend a few products!

In total, there are six products in the Playa product line up with five being available online at Sephora. The first two and often most telling products within a haircare line are the shampoo and conditioner. The Every Day Shampoo* is SLS-free and uses a proprietary coconut-derived cleanser to gently cleanse the scalp and hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It is also safe for colour-treated hair which at this point is one of THE most important things to me other than moisture, moisture, moisture! The lather was indeed very minimal and the scent of this and all the products was quite fragrant, but I personally quite liked it. It reminded me of the beach, sun and not having a care in the world which I can only roughly translate as a combination of coconut and some other tropical flowers. See, I could be a fragrance blogger, right?

The shampoo was actually quite nice with my hair feeling clean, but not dry. I would have liked the shampoo to have given my roots a bit of lift, but that is something I can use other styling products for. The only real issue I had with the shampoo was the packaging which seems to also have been a concern in the Sephora reviews. You wouldn't think that such normal looking packaging would cause problems, but it is next to impossible to squeeze the shampoo outta this thing! You need to have Mr. Incredible arms!

The Supernatural Conditioner* apparently self-adjusts to any type of hair and contains baobob proteins to fill in damage to the cuticles and brassica oil to seal in damaged ends. The real test for me with conditioner is whether I can get a brush through my hair since this conditioner is silicone-free and whaddaya know? I can! This conditioner is still one that I pair off with other shampoos.

The Endless Summer Spray* is a sea salt spray and one I didn't use too often as texturizing sprays are not really my thing. I know they can be used a bit like hairspray or to provide grit to freshly washed hair, but I prefer the Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder for weightless texture. If you are into that whole beach waves look, this spray is lightweight and will certainly aid in achieving your beach lob dreams.

Now, my favourite thing - the Ritual Hair Oil*! I adore hair oils and love them like facial oils for their aromatherapeutic properties and of course imparting shine to my hair. This oil is made of a coconut base with tomato fruit extract (protects against environmental stressors), sunflower and apricot oil. It does not feel the least bit greasy or heavy and I love it enough that I want to slather it on my body too! Like most hair oils, a little goes a long way, but right away I see an almost instant renewal effect of shine in my hair without having me look like a greasy monkey!

My only gripe with the oil? For a dropper that is so long, only THAT much oil can get drawn up because the mechanism is a button instead of the "squeeze"  so while the amount that comes up is generally enough for my hair, I guess for esthetic reasons I feel like the bottle should be shorter.

Final verdict: I want to try the Playa Dry Shampoo next because I feel like it's going to be kind of amazing based on these products! Other than really some packaging changes I enjoyed the ingredients, the scent and the carefree vibe of the brand. In addition to having this be a clean beauty brand, the formulations have worked for both my blonde and blue hair! If you love hair oils, the Ritual Hair Oil is fantastic and the Shampoo is a great place to start (just transfer the shampoo to a better bottle)!

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