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I feel like a broken record this year with my saying "I wish I had discovered this/these earlier!", but I have actively been trying to use what I have in my collection this 2019 which are just far too many untrieds whether they be press samples or things I have purchased on my own. When it comes to Pixi Beauty, I have focused a lot on their skincare and with good reason (because it's awesome and innovative), but they actually have some fantastic makeup too! This month I made a personal goal to dive more into Pixi when it came to makeup and I am so glad I did because I have been quite surprised at how much I have been liking everything! For the sake of Marie Kondo organization, I have decided to group "like with like" starting with my favourite Pixi blushes! 

PR samples

The Book of Beauty - Touch of Blush* is an easy one to like because just looking at the shades, you have your mattes, multi-dimensional shimmers and your bronzers/contours. Though I rarely contour, the four blushes always manage to represent a mood I may be feeling whether it'd be dusty rose for "I'm too tired to choose" or an intense bright watermelon pink to perk up my skin when I'm wearing a darker lipstick. 

The powders are very fine and though I don't find these blushes have incredible staying power for a full work day, it's hard for me to say whether that is the fault of my foundation finally breaking down at the end of a 10 hour day or the blush itself. Overall, I found the choice of blush shades in this palette skin-enhancing and easy to wear.

Ah, the new PixiGlow Cakes*! Coming in two perfectly gradient balanced shades, these palettes give skin a radiant glow while creating a hint of colour. At first I wasn't sure how the brown "ends" of the palette would translate once I dragged my brush across, but these glowcakes are like baked witchcraft. I get the most perfect highlight on the apples of my cheeks PLUS actual colour too! Pink Champagne has been my almost daily jam this month and I don't see it stopping anytime soon!

I had to look up who Aspyn Ovard was. I know that Pixi tends to do a lot of "influencer" (*cringe*, but must use this term) collaborations and I'm just not cool/millennial enough to keep up with who is who in the under 25 world. All I know is that this Glow-y Powder in Rome Rose* is awesome. It's a more pink version of the Pink Champagne glowcake I love and is hella pigmented! When I put this on, my cheeks literally become "headlights of highlight"!

Wearing PixiGlow Cake in "Pink Champagne"

Have you ever tried any Pixi makeup? How many of you are all about these PixiGlow Cakes??!

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