BEAUTY | St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask with Selfies

Where has this week gone? We have gone from "early to mid January" in the blink of an eye! I know many of us have been bitten with the Marie Kondo Bug, but I've actually been decluttering since the middle of December starting with my makeup. I still have a long ways to go as I find it difficult to do after I have come home from work, but the last two days I have stayed up until 12am working on clearing out underneath the bathroom sink and I am happy to say that MUCH has  been given away. I had 20 dry shampoos under there and I have no idea why I had so many!

In addition to decluttering my real life, I have decided to shift my blog content back to more of a mixture of beauty as this space was a Sheet Mask Mecca for the latter half of 2018, but it has been a little while since a dedicated sheet mask post and this was one that I had a lot of questions about! A sheet mask that tans makes perfect sense in theory and though I was afraid of what could happen - I had to give the St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask* a try!

PR sample from LD Beauty Event

This is the only tanning sheet mask I have seen so far which promises to drench the skin with a unique blend of moisturizing and tanning actives to immediately refresh skin for an instant dewy glow while developing a streak-free tan that will last days. There is no wash-off, just leave the mask on anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on how dark you would like to be and you are done! 

I have always been apprehensive about any tanning products for fear of it looking unnatural, but there is something about YOUR FACE as opposed to your body since there is no hiding it! I opted to leave the mask on for 10 minutes for a "Medium" tan and in terms of fit and feel the actual cotton felt a little bit thicker and there was a hint of fragrance.

With regular sheet masks, I don't mind if some of the essence gets on my lips, but with the presence of DHA in this one, there is something about having a tanning ingredient possibly getting in your mouth that made me stick as close to the 10 minute mark as possible!

By the next morning, I was definitely darker, but not to the point where I didn't have a foundation to match my skin. I ended up using my summer foundation shades for about 3 days before the tan started to fade. Though I tried to blend the essence upon mask removal around my nose and hairline, there were still parts that looked more "concentrated" than others.

Final verdict: As someone who wasn't comfortable with self-tanning before, this sheet mask didn't make me want to take a regular plunge anytime soon. I felt my colour was gone after 2 days so a tanned base would have been nice. While I wouldn't put this sheet mask in the same category as "skincare sheet masks", it did leave my skin hydrated upon removal so I didn't bother with moisturizer afterwards. I do think this is an innovative idea and a great option for anyone who wants to give themselves a boost to an existing tan.

You can find the St.Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask at London Drugs.

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