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I never really made any beauty resolutions last year other than going on the classic January no-buy which was fairly successful, but MUCH harder than I thought it would be. I feel like you shouldn't have to go on a full no-buy, but more like a "low-buy". I made a more conscious effort to think about my purchases and though I had my moments of splurginess especially once I caught "sheet mask fever" in full force, I have still been able to save money and enjoy life. Though I have personal resolutions in some form or another, this space is about beauty resolutions!

PR samples featured

I vow to roll my face! I have been using the Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller* every day to give my skin that lift and glow you get after a facial massage. This roller can also be used on the backs of arms and on the legs and has 24 massaging stones built into a hexagon-shaped roller that mimics that rhythmic rolling movements used in professional facials. What I love about this roller is lack of batteries and/or USB charger AND the weight. You wouldn't think this piece of metal would feel substantial, but it has the most satisfying "hand-feel". I can only describe a similar feeling to holding the perfect pen. I have been using this to "roll in" my serums and over top cotton masks around the time I am about to remove it. I definitely feel puffiness rolled out around my eyes and cheeks, but as for the other areas, only time will tell! 

I vow to use more POTTED masks! This month and next, I will be making a heartfelt effort to use more clay masks, but I am being mindful of how many times I use them in a week as my skin does not need THAT much detoxing, but I do have hydrating and brightening masks to use as well and I think you guys will probably get some reviews out of this beauty resolution!

I vow to use different palettes each month! I didn't think I was this person, but when I went through my BIN of palettes, it was ridiculous how many were still untouched. Now, I'm not a huge colour cosmetics gal so from what I have seen on Instagram, I don't think I have nearly as many palettes as others, BUT I didn't like knowing that I still had an untouched ABH Modern Renaissance Palette FROM WHEN IT CAME OUT or two Tarte Eyeshadow Palettes that look absolutely stunning and SHOULD be used! I have never even tried a Tarte eyeshadow before and here I am with TWO palettes that I got two years ago with the plastic still covering them!

This is my untouched Morphe Palette that I picked up from IMATS in 2016. I mean, really Jayne? I still look at this palette so lovingly, but I think it's time to rip off the Bandaid and start swatching!

I vow to get more beauty sleep! I am a total night owl. I feel more alive at night and on average go to bed at around 1-2am while getting up for work at anywhere from 6:30-7am. Getting is REALLY hard and though I have never been late for work, I HATE mornings and the first thought that always pops into my head when my alarm goes off is "Maybe today I tender my resignation and sleep in". That's how much I hate them, but of course, by the time I get to work I feel better, but have had to take a nap on my lunch break depending on the day.

I have steadily been enlisting natural sleep aids to calm down my mind as well as listening to ASMR. My favourite type of ASMR is facials (my FAVOURITE video now) and nails because I like the "sound of skincare" haha! The sound of eating? Not so much. Using a night mask has been helpful as our blinds don't block out every bit of light and now that we have an air purifier, there is a small light that glows which is enough to bother me. I also LOVE the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray! I got a small sample of it from a Sephora order and was impressed with how well I slept after I sprayed this on my pillow! I call this stuff witchcraft because I am looking at the ingredients list and I still don't know how this is any different than other essential oils I have used, but man does it work for me! In addition to the spray, I will apply the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Wellness Balm in Deep Sleep* on my temples and trapezoid muscles as it smells like lavender.  

I honestly could have made this entire resolutions post all about skincare, but I think I have been pretty good at sheet masking and making a schedule on what to use to the point of probably being borderline anal. What started off this year as merely a way to get through my sheet mask stash has become an obsession albeit a "duty to the world to try ALL THE SHEET MASKS". While I am pretty good about using new skincare, I'm not great at setting a schedule and making observations so I can have reviews up in a timely manner. For this month, I wrote out in my bullet journal a day and night routine using skincare that I would like to feature on the blog in the next two months since I will need AT LEAST that timing to give a proper review!

I have some fantastic products from Omorovicza, Veriphy and Volition that I am using this month and I am hoping that sticking to a schedule and making notes will help me give all of you some interesting content!

Do any of these resolutions resonate with you? What beauty resolutions have you made this year?

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