SKINCARE | My Top 13 Sheet Masks from 2018!

Well Happy New Year everyone! We have made it to 2019, Trump is still President, Elizabeth Warren has made her bid for 2020, Justin has finally moved on from Selena and the beauty world truly became a lucrative jackpot for brands and makeup enthusiasts alike, but not without some drama. Well, you won't find that here today! I tried out hundreds of sheet masks in 2018 (quite literally thanks to my #100DaysofSheetMasks Challenge) and though it was a bit of a blur, I do have some true standouts to share that truly worked for me starting off with one I talk about a lot!

1. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

Though I reviewed this mask over two years ago, it has remained one of my ultimate favourites! This mask contains propolis, royal jelly extract and honey and we know how healing all three of those ingredients are for the skin! I have had discussions with other sheet mask lovers regarding this mask and it seems to be one of those masks that you either love or hate mainly because of the scent. It does smell faintly (to me) of honey, but one girl I spoke to said the scent was overpowering to her. We both DID agree that the fit and thinness of the sheet did make up for it and that overall this mask is one that everyone needs to experience for themselves.

2. MaskerAide Detox Diva

One of the BEST things that happened this year was becoming a MaskerAide Brand Ambassador. I have never liked partnering with just one brand as the relationship can feel strained sometimes if you HAVE TO promote something that is kind of on brand, but not. We have ALL seen these types of partnerships happen in the beauty world where you're like "I have never even SEEN you use BRAND X and now you are referring to the team as your FAM JAM?" With MaskerAide, it was all quite natural as I had already been loving the masks for years and my only "job" as a brand ambassador was to show you all what was new and sheet mask! Easy, right?

Detox Diva is a mask I use if my skin feels grubby as it contains honey and argan oil for hydration and tomato fruit extract, green tea and green algae for gentle exfoliation and detoxification. This mask has some of the best ingredients I have seen and though the mask fit isn't perfect, it's the way my skin feels afterwards where I'm like "Ooooooh!" There is ZERO tackiness and it honestly feels like the skincare Gods have gone into my pores and worked their magic!

3. MaskerAide All Nighter

My first love from MaskerAide was the All Nighter because not only does it have argan oil to hydrate, but peppermint oil to awaken and revive the senses and the skin. This is my remedy for shit days at work where I come home with a tension headache and need to have a bath. There aren't many sheet masks with peppermint in them and there should be more because the aromatherapeutic value is fantastic!

4. Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask

This was one of my favourite hydrogel masks because it was a thinner hydrogel that was easily able to stay on my face with a great fit for 40 minutes without budging at all! My skin was also bouncy, hydrated and felt so refreshed upon removal that I knew this would be on my face again! And, it's GOLD. Who can say no to that?!

5. Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask

Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask

Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask

I was pleasantly surprised by this mask and how goddamn refreshing this two-step mask was! The scent was lovely and this mask fit so well and stayed on for the full recommended 40 minutes! What really got me was how cooling this mask was on my skin and of course how nice my skin (and my soul!) felt afterwards. This is a pricey one, but one I already have a backup of!

6. For Beloved One Biocellulose Masks (ALL)

For Beloved One Biocellulose Mask

For Beloved One Biocellulose Mask

I just listed all of the FBO biocellulose masks because they really all are quite good even though I just have a review for the one. FBO are the inventors of the biocellulose mask and are the thickest I have tried so far due to the longer bacterial fermentation process (yes, it is bacteria that MAKE the actual biocellulose masks!). They are thicker, but fit absolutely perfectly on the skin and stay moist for an hour! What's nice about these biocellulose masks is that because they are a more intense hydrating treatment, you only need to use at most 3 of these masks a week to equal 7 regular sheet masks.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask

This is not a mask I discovered this year, but is one that I have purchased repeatedly! It is weird and strange and there are even sheet mask enthusiasts who have yet to try this type of mask, but it is a DRY and REUSABLE sheet mask! I use mine anywhere from 4-5x and it is an AMAZING one to take traveling and if you have dry skin. This is a shea butter based mask and I have had people tell me that either they love it like crazy or it makes their skin feel greasy. The way I describe it is when you first remove the mask, it feels like you just applied a facial oil. The fabric itself is not as comfortable as the more expensive dry sheet masks from Nannette de Gaspe, but the results are pretty similar  and for the price difference, I would opt for the Charlotte Tilbury version!

8. Wonjin Effect Withbee Honey

This Wonjin Effect mask is like if Papa Recipe decided to make a multi-step honey mask. The mask thinness, minimal tacky residue and having the other two steps make this such a winner in my books! Wonjin Effect does some of my favourite multi-step masks and I have more to feature this year!

9. A by Bom Ultra Therapy Floral Leaf Mask

A. by Bom is known for a floral or nature element to their sheet masks with some masks having flowers and others having leaves. A couple of months ago, I had no idea that mini masks were even a thing and then I saw that Ultra Floral Leaf Masks and could not get over the concept and the cuteness factor. This mask, though fairly tacky in finish, left my skin so plumped for 24 hours that it was well worth the stickiness factor.

10. MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop

I used the Rodial Bubble Mask after using this one from MaskerAide and for the price difference, the MaskerAide one seemed more effective in terms of brightening plus softening my skin. Not only does this mask make you look like a bear, but the bubble factor is outta control! When it comes to results and entertainment factor, this mask wins on BOTH counts!

11. Julep Triple Quench Deep Hydration Sheet Mask

This is one of a handful of masks I have that are both multi-step AND contain a biocellulose mask. This one from Julep is another one I tend to sub into my Maven Box whenever I start running low. Yes, I still have this subscription, but I am one of those from ye old days who are allowed to skip any number of boxes. Every step in this mask is incredibly hydrating and all without a single drop of silicones. It is also the only multi-mask I have used where the last step is a sleeping pack so suffice it say, this mask is a seriously hydrating one!

12. TULA Insta Bright

The reasons for why I would immediately like this mask are OBVIOUS because HOLO, BUT as we have seen, not all holo masks are created equally (ahem Bliss), but not only was the fit fantastic on this limited edition mask, but the scent of lavender oil and the probiotics in the ingredients list make this mask stand out in a league of its own!

13. Ultru I'm Sorry for my Skin Black Mud Mask

This mask was a welcome surprise as it is now the way I think ALL clay masks should be done! No muss, no fuss, this sheet mask has a layer of bentonite, sea salt and kaolin clay underneath and though this is a long mask at 40 minutes, the results are amazing! If you are looking for an ultimate detox and have some time or are taking a bath THIS one is the way to go!

These 13 have been my favourites this past year and I am sure I will have new ones to share this year! Would you like to see masks that I really DIDN'T like? 

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