NAILS | Confused Easter Bunny #CBBxManiMonday

I don't know if you can tell, but I had a slight nail break on my pointer finger hours before I was supposed to paint my nails! The weather has been wreaking havoc on my nails and hands so underneath this pretty polish is pretty much a set of horrific, peely nails. I have a couple of nail treatments I could try, but to be honest I haven't been taking care of my nails as well as I normally do so I'll try to remember to give them some TLC soon or you might be lookin' at nubbins soon! It is Easter Monday today so we all decided to give Easter nails one last go before we say hello to some new themes for May!

Easter Bunny Nail Art

PR samples

For this set of nails, I whipped out OPI Fiji 2017 which for a summer collection has a ton of perfect pastels for Spring. For the base colours I used: Polly Want a Lacquer?* (Lavender), Suzi Without a Paddle* (Blue), Getting Nadi on My Honeymoon* (Pink) and Non-Stop White*. Everything was either dotted or hand-drawn with the egg designs being done with acrylic paint. I used the new CND Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Top Coat* as a more plump top coat to get rid of the texture that comes with acrylic paints and I was done!

Easter Bunny Nail Art

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their Easter manicures!

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