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My first foray into deodorants as a teenager were the Secret sticks that came with those Teen Packs for girls and eventually just hated the perfumey scent of them. I also went through my very brief phase of antiperspirants and soon realized that sweating was a good thing and shouldn't be stopped! I started using deodorant salt crystal sticks about 10 years ago and really loved how neutralizing it was on body odor, but at the time there weren't a lot of natural options short of just not wearing ANY deodorant! Now, there are LOADS of options and amazingly enough, I actually had to pare down what I wanted to share!  

Natural Deodorant Review

Some PR samples featured

The first natural deodorant that even came close to the salt crystal sticks I liked were the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Liquid Crystal Deodorants. I reviewed these a few years ago when they were first released and still love them. They are made with a naturally occurring salt called potassium alum that is non-pore clogging and feels a bit wet at first, but give them about 10 seconds to dry down and you will be odour free all day! I am currently using the Tea Tree scent, but I also enjoy the Lavender and Lemongrass scents! These are among RMSCs bestselling products and I totally see why!

Natural Deodorant Review

The Green Beaver Company was one of the first Canadian companies I noticed having products that had the ECO CERT stamp which is an extra step that a brand can take as this involves an audit done by ECO CERT to ensure that from ground to the product in my hands is eco-friendly. This certification is also PER PRODUCT so you can imagine how costly this could get, but whenever I see this stamp, I know my skin and my body are in good hands! I love the scent of lavender so when I saw the Lavender Stick and Spray Deodorants at Victoria's Health, I knew I would like them. The spray is awesome for my feet as I wear pantyhose for work (mandatory) and it keeps my feet smelling nice and neutral and the stick, while not as odor-absorbing as I would like, is fine for casual days. Both smell fantastic!

I received the LaFes Bliss Iris & Rose Deodorant* in one of the M2 Brands boxes and at first I was unsure whether I would like something that smelled like flowers since I prefer herbal or unfragranced scents for my deodorant, but oddly enough this has become my choice for when I am feeling a little girly? Along with being aluminum and propylene glycol-free, this deodorant wicks away moisture using a combination of silica an cornstarch and holds up well to a full work day. 

Natural Deodorant Review

Exciting news! Live Clean just released a set of four naturally-derived deodorants after many requests from fans and now they are here in the scents: Sparkling Citrus*, Cool & Fresh*, Powder Clean* and Fragrance Free*! These use baking soda and corn starch to control odor and moisture while aloe, vitamin E, certified organic parsley, rosemary and sage condition the underarms. They feel a bit "wetter" from the more hydrating formula and need a few extra seconds for dry down time. Out of the four scents, Unscented and Sparkling Citrus were my favourites. While Cool & Fresh was nice, it reminds me so much of the more fragrant antiperspirants, that I have my moments with it. Powder Fresh was too baby powdery for me...

Natural Deodorant Review

While I wouldn't say these Live Clean deodorants are able to hold up all day fighting odors, even after a 10 hour day, my underarms were definitely in better shape than they would have been had I had nothing on at all! I look forward to more scents as I feel Live Clean has so many scents in their other collections that could be brought in as deodorants.

Do you enjoy wearing natural deodorants? What are some of your favourite ones?

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