NAILS | Peelable Polish (?!) with Suncoat Lovely Lapis #CBBxManiMonday

With this being our last Monday, us gals decided to use vegan, water-based and Earth-friendly Canadian brand Suncoat! I used a Suncoat polish years ago as well as a nail polish remover that didn't work out too well, but more than 5 years later, the formulas have changed and I was ready to give this brand another go because there is nothing I love doing more than supporting a Canadian brand, created by a female organic chemist and wants to make the beauty space a healthier place. I won't lie that I had a few challenges with the colour I am wearing today, but I am hopeful with the other shades that I will work out the kinks and have more designs to share with you!

Suncoat Lovely Lapis

PR sample

I was sent a few shades of the peelable polish and immediate the bright blue shade "Lovely Lapis"* called to me! What I have on is 4 thin coats which I will admit was not easy for me to wrap my head around as I usually do two coats of polish max, but with this water-based polish you need to work in THIN coats to build up that colour. This polish does not self-level at all so it can look streaky if you aren't careful. My first coat was very streaky and with the later coats I was a bit better with making sure I didn't do too many strokes for one nail and doing them thinly.

I had planned a French manicure with these polishes, but because they need so many layers to build up colour, I knew it just wasn't in the cards so I kept it simple with this iridescent blue and added some gold accents I had received awhile back from the now defunct Julep Maven Box. I finished everything off with the Suncoat Base/Top Coat* which did smooth out a lot of the bumpiness from all of the coats I did. Sadly, this manicure is not holding well so I think if you are looking for your nail polish to last the whole week, water-based might not be your cup of tea.

What WAS nice though was the lack of toxic fumes. I always have to open a window when I paint and I also hold my breath because it just doesn't feel very good breathing those fumes in, but with these polishes, you will only get a whiff of something if you put your nose right next to the bottle.

Suncoat Lovely Lapis

You can find Suncoat products at and at these retailers.

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their Earth-friendly manicures!

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