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This post has been a long time in the making as I have been eyeing Okoko Cosmetiques since 2019 and telling myself that before buying something from this luxury skincare brand, I need to use up more of what I have already because I will not be able to just let these products sit on my shelf! I would not be able to wait to use them! I finally took the plunge and placed my first order in June 2020 and I cannot be more pleased with the products and my experience with them. My collection has grown since last year and I vow that eventually I will own everything Okoko makes! 

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Two products are PR samples and are labeled with *

Made in Vancouver, Okoko Cosmetiques was created and founded by Oyeta Kokoroko in 2016 and is a plant-based skincare brand that uses science, research and development to create some of the most effective and unique products I have seen in a long time. I will start by saying that yes, this brand is expensive, but after looking at the ingredients that are sourced and how uncommon some of them are plus how beautiful my experience has been with each product I have tried, I now find myself saving my money for THESE products instead of others. The following products are some of my most favourite to use and ones that I look forward to slathering on my skin along with two new products that I was sent to try and incorporate into my routine. Also, EVERY single Okoko product smells so incredibly good and contains no artificial fragrance. If they ever come out with candles or perfume, I will burn/wear it 24/7!

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Beaute Majestique Gel to Milk Cleanser
okoko beaute majestique texture shot

When I first saw this cleanser on Instagram, that jeweled red completely won me over. How could you not want this on your skin?! This is an incredible multi-purpose product as it is a cleanser, exfoliator and mask all in one. As a cleanser, this transforms from a gel to milk and washes off easily, but what I love the most about this is the addition of both physical and chemical exfoliators. Pumpkin and bamboo gently buff the skin of surface dirt and debris while papaya enzymes work at separating skin cells in the top layer of the epidermis to reveal a smoother and brighter texture. I love invoking the "Beaute Majeste Trinity" so I use this mainly as a mask when I have a bath and leave it on for about an hour to allll the benefits of a cleanser, exfoliator and mask!

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Diamant Bleu Clarifying Cream
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Even though I have normal/dry skin that rarely breaks out, I did not let the word "clarifying" stop me from getting this moisturizer! Again, the colour of the product drew me right in with its blend of blue tansy (I LOVE this scent) and blue spirulina extract, but it also contains niacinamide and glucosamine to brighten and improve the complexion while treating acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. This beautifully whipped texture is creamy and hydrating and makes my skin look like it is glowing from within (I have an IGTV that shows this happening right before your eyes!). 

Sublime Balm
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I don't use the Sublime Balm as often as Diamant Bleu, but whenever the weather gets really dry, I look to this balm as my skin saviour. This is a blend of carrot, tomato and seabuckthorn oils, astaxanthin (shown to aid in skin repair) and lycopene and carotenoids which give this balm its intense orange colour. Though it is solid in the jar, this balm melts so easily at body temperature that I feel like I am just giving myself a little face massage every time I use it. Now, the most interesting thing about this balm? This can be used as a cleanser too! It rinses off so easily with water and leaves skin so soft!

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Okoko has three different skincare labels: Black, White and Red. Black is the entry level for all skin types with a focus on brightening and reviving the complexion, White is the next level of elevated skincare with ingredients focusing on protecting the skin from environmental stressors and finally the Red Label is the most elevated in terms of high performance ingredients and formulations the encompass what the Black and White labels do with a focus on anti-aging and protecting mature and fragile skin. In addition to the Beaute Majestique Cleanser, I have recently introduced two additional Red Label products that have been pretty awesome for my skin.

La Perle Enviro Defense Spray Serum Prestige Edition*
okoko la perle spray serum bottle

I had been wanting to try this serum spray for awhile as I like "spray-on skincare" because I find it soothing and a little fun to apply skincare in this manner. While I have been using this as a toner, this is really so much more than that as it is a bi-phase antioxidant face serum that is supercharged with resveratrol, bakuchiol, lycopene, CoQ10, encapsulated Vitamin C that all help to preserve the skin barrier and increase firmness and plumpness. Use this as your main serum, an essence, an added shield against environmental stressors or a setting spray (that actually IS skincare). For a product with such a unique formulation, I think I will keep using it exclusively in my skincare routine (instead of a makeup product) as I want it as close to my skin as possible!

L'Elixir de Purete Sang du Dragon Prestige Edition*

okoko l'elixir de purete sang du dragon bottle

Okoko makes skincare look SO GOOD. This serum looks like jam, smells good enough to eat and applies like a dream. It has a bit of sticky finish, but no pilling and plays well with other skincare products. This firming serum is a powerhouse of botanical ingredients like vegetable ceramides, dragon's blood extract, Vitamin C, beta glucan, organic beech tree bud extract, prebiotics and niacinamide which aim to protect against the environment, correct signs of aging, promote radiance and of course moisturize. With this serum, I pretty much have everything I need which makes my skincare routine quite efficient! 

okoko l'elixir de purete sang du dragon texture shot

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I researched Okoko Cosmetiques for a long time before deciding to purchase and I have not been disappointed by a single product. If anything, I feel like this brand has renewed the ritualistic aspect of skincare for me as I slow down when I use each Okoko product, wanting to relish the scent and the textures I am experiencing. I also never thought that skincare could have results while looking pretty and without compromising on ingredients. Reading the ingredient lists is almost like reading poetry (for the skincare addict!) and with each new product I try, I can't wait to experience what they have created! This brand has the perfect balance of research, science and innovation while catering to those who love their skincare routines. Their products are multi-purpose and there is a product for every skin type so I hope each of you gets the chance to try Okoko because now that I have, I know I will always have an Okoko product in my routine!

You can find Okoko Cosmetiques at or at their new store in Gastown L'Atelier Okoko.

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