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In addition to the eyes, the other part of me that I care more about now that half of my face is covered up is my hair. It's actually how I identify clients now so if someone changes their hair, I actually have to double check that it's actually who I think it is! While I used to have days where I would put my hair in a ponytail for work, I have found that I get almost bored with how I look now if I "take away" my hair if that makes sense? If anything, I now enjoy wearing my hair "bigger" and with more volume and have even been contemplating changing the colour completely just to have some fun! I almost feel a sense of disconnect with my appearance when half of my face is covered up so I am trying to have fun with what I have left! I have been enjoying trying out new hair products on a monthly basis and recently have been enamoured once again with some very nice products from Raincry that have made me not want to use anything else!


Raincry Hair Products
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Everything from Raincry that I have tried smells wonderful and the same goes for all of the products featured in this post! Their products smell unlike other haircare products so I was happy when they decided to launch a collection of hair mists (review) because this a brand that knows their fragrance! All products are also pH balanced with a focus on botanical ingredients to promote healthy scalp and hair health which is why I know their products will always be safe for my coloured treated hair.

Polishing Wash*

Raincry Polishing Wash

This shampoo is for all hair types and contains sea kelp which has been shown to give shine, activated charcoal to cleanse and exfoliate hair of pollution and product build-up and hibiscus to prevent hair loss and further enhance shine. This shampoo has a decent lather, feels lightweight and has a very cool gunmetal grey colour. My hair also feels clean, especially at the roots after using this, but never too dry and I always feel like I have good volume in my hair from root to tip after rinsing. Just watch out when dispensing the shampoo as it is quite liquidy so no bottle squeezing is required!

Raincry Polishing Wash

Radiance Rinse*
Raincry Radiance Rinse

Ah, the Radiance Rinse conditioner! This is where I feel my hair turn smooth and soft without weighing it down and looking flat. I can even take this conditioner to my roots and I still get natural volume once I blow dry. This formula contains keratin amino acids to strengthen hair and reduce split ends and breakage while also using lavender extract to make hair feel touchable and soft. The other ingredient I found interesting was the addition of cherry vinegar which neutralizes hard water and closes the cuticle of the hair shaft to create a shiny finish. While my hair will never be TV commercial shiny, I did feel that my hair looked better overall using this conditioner than when I was using the Pureology Hydrate Sheer duo that I featured on Instagram last month.

Brilliance Detangling Spray*

Raincry Brilliance Detangling Spray

This spray is my favourite because it's not just a glossy top coat for your hair thanks to camellia flower oil, but also a heat protectant that works on both wet and dry hair and a detangler! I also use it if my hair looks a bit dull, but I don't feel like getting my hands mucked up with hair oil. Though all three products are intended to work together, I would totally use this spray on its own with other hair products!

Raincry Hair Products

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