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In recent years, the Korean beauty market has started to encompass many of the qualities deemed as desirable in the Western beauty world like having products "EWG-certified", "clean" and in the case of today's sheet mask "vegan". Have the quotes already indicated to you that these are terms I do not find value in? Vegan is probably the only one that I can somewhat understand, but I hate the term "clean" and let's face it the EWG is political and fosters fear-mongering so while I still enjoy and use products that use this type of terminology in their marketing, I never name them as benefits when reviewing. 

happy vegan madecassoside flatlay
Purchased by me

Happy Vegan is a Korean skincare brand that I discovered a few years ago on Yesstyle while on the hunt for some new and interesting masks to try. I picked these up about 2 years ago in the hopes of having some fun Earth Day posts planned for 2019/2020, but 2019 turned out to be a rough year for me emotionally at work and we all know what 2020 was like! All Happy Vegan masks have obviously no animal-derived substances and use ECOCERTified preservatives for increased product stability.

happy vegan madecassoside ingredients list

The masks are Cupra and cotton-derived with no artificial fragrance used in their essence while there are some essential oils present. Essential oils do not irritate my skin so I am totally fine with them in my skincare. The Madecassoside sheet mask contains madecassoside, found in Centella asiatica, which is soothing and helps with redness which I enjoy if my cheeks get red which they often do. In addition to madecassoside, the formula also contains aloe leaf juice, avocado fruit extract, green tea extract, soothing allantoin and celery extract. All in the top half of the ingredients list!

happy vegan madecassoside mask selfie

Mask Summary:

Price: About $5 CDN each

Skin concerns: Calming, soothing redness

Scent: Lightly herbal with a hint of rosemary was apparently what I smelled two years ago when I first used this mask, but today I barely detected any scent.

Essence Type: Clear, watery gel and there is 27mL of it!

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin - you can see my skin!

Mask Fit: Perfect with no chin goatee

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Very nice! I did not feel the need for moisturizer, but added on a two drops of facial oil to seal everything in.

Other notes: N/A

happy vegan madecassoside flatlay

Final verdict: I am glad I bought a pack of 5 because I have enjoyed this mask the two times I have tried it! I love how thin the mask material is and the hydration level was pretty perfect. The ingredients are some of the best I have seen in a sheet mask and I felt like my cheeks looked less red upon removal and even hours afterward. I would definitely buy this mask again!

You can find the Happy Vegan Vegan Mask in Relaxing Madecassoside Sheet Mask at

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