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I think we have all become self care skincare experts this past year whether you have been working from home or "out in the world" and one brand that I have shared a little bit about on Instagram, but have been dying to write about on the blog is Teaology. Founded by Cecilia and Paolo Garofano in Italy, it was actually because of a trip to Canada where Cecilia experienced tea houses and tea ceremonies that Teaology was born. What makes this brand truly unique? Through a patented cosmetic process, all of the water content in Teaology's products has been replaced with a 100% tea infusion of Camellia sinensis! How cool is that?!

Teaology Skincare Flatlay
PR samples

I love tea as a beverage so I have always loved the concept of using it in skincare as it is a great source of antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and brightens the skin. Each Teaology product is made in Italy and is vegan and cruelty-free. 

Happy Skin All-in-One Beauty Balm*
Happy Skin All-in-One Beauty Balm

Don't let the word "balm" fool you into thinking that this product will be thick and heavy on your skin because this multi-purpose product has become one of my most loved. This soothing beauty balm is for all skin types and saved me when I had that weird outbreak of inexplicable hives back in October. It was the only form of moisturizer I used for two weeks with its blend of ceramides, niacinamide, calming Centella asiatica and Teaology's Blue Tea infusion. This can be used all over the face (including the eyes and lips) and can be used as a mask, moisturizer or hydrating makeup primer. It leaves the most silky feeling to the skin, yet this product is silicone-free, so this balm is just magical. There is also a 100mL size if you feel you are going to be using this product for everything which might be where I'm headed once I am done this tube!

Matcha Pore Cleansing Stick*

This is essentially a cleansing balm in stick form and is quite convenient for travel. This format is great because it doesn't count as a liquid and you don't have to worry about leakage of a cleansing oil or the bulkiness of a typical cleansing balm. This has a lovely green tea scent and contains exfoliating bamboo grains, rice starch and a matcha tea infusion to detoxify and purify skin. I apply this in a circular motion on dry skin and then massage and rinse off with water. Don't use it on the eyes because the bamboo bits might not feel very pleasant (I did it by accident and it wasn't that bad). All in all this did a good job of cleansing my skin and making it feel fresh without drying it out. I would prefer my cleansers to be safe over the eyes so that would be the main reason that I would not buy this product once I finish this press sample.

Teaology Matcha Pore Cleansing Stick

Blue Tea and Matcha Tea Miracle Face and Neck Mask*
Teaology Sheet Masks

I actually first discovered Teaology while on the hunt for sheet masks at Shoppers Drugs Mart. All five of Teaology's sheet masks are for both the face and neck and though I have only had a chance to try the Blue Tea mask, I have a feeling the experience for the Matcha Tea mask will be the same as I found the actual sheet mask massive. I have used a few sheet masks with a neck "attachment" and I can conclusively say that I don't like having a wet sheet on my neck. While the mask itself wasn't very tacky upon removal, I didn't like how it fit and my general experience.

Teaology Sheet Mask Selfie

Mask Summary (Blue Tea):

Price: $9.95 CDN
Skin concerns: Hydration, brightening
Scent: None
Essence Type: Clear, watery
Duration: 10-20 minutes
Thickness: Thick...
Mask Fit: Poor. It was reaaaallly big on me and because the mask material was on the thicker side, folding did not do much.
Tackiness: None
Hydration: Ok - I felt like I needed to add a little bit of moisturizer
Other notes: N/A

Teaology Skincare Flatlay

Overall I am pleased with my first experience with Teaology and have already made myself a little wishlist of products I would like to try next like the Green Tea Mist, Rose Tea Milk Oil and the Rose Tea Toning Essence. Their moisturizers also have some of the most delectable looking textures so once I make more of a dent in my stash, I will phase a few more Teaology products in! 

You can find Teaology at Shoppers Drugs Mart and

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