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Alas, I have come to my final day of vacation and I am a little sad because I have enjoyed having the time to be creative in this blogging space as well as finally having the opportunity to finish my Lego Nintendo System (coolest thing EVER!) in the sunlight of the afternoon. The weather has been wonderful this past week and though I did have a few work things to check in on, it was nothing too crazy so while I am always a bit anxious that first day back at work, I don't see it being too stressful.


Holo Taco Purple Slushie with Glequins
Purchased by me

With the sunny weather AND all the time in the world, as we are still not seeing people until we are fully vaccinated, I decided to swatch a couple of holo polishes including the final shade of the Rainbow Holo Taco collection which I had missed doing last summer. I wanted to incorporate this shade with our monthly theme of "Flowers", but it's hard to do without detracting from the beauty of this gorgeous holo so I pulled out my long forgotten glequins ("glitter sequins") and attempted something. That "something" did not turn out quite as I had hoped, but hopefully you can still see the flowers I created... 

Holo Taco Purple Slushie with Glequins

I included some sunlight photos to show the holo a bit, but I think it just looks better in person. I am also a little annoyed that even though I just did my nails the day before, adding the multiple layers of top coat to help the glequins stick made the polish shrink which is why you can sadly see the tips of my nails. Glequins also get EVERYWHERE and I had forgotten what a nightmare they are to apply so I gave up on trying to apply them evenly and lined up with each other.

Holo Taco Purple Slushie with Glequins

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their Flower Manicures this week!

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