SHEET MASK | Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

This review is LONG overdue as even my mask selfie is from pre-pandemic days and many rounds of blonde balayage ago! Over the Easter long weekend of 2019, fellow blogger Leslie from A Life Well Consumed and I went sheet mask shopping in Richmond and hit up T&T and Aberdeen Center. I was all prepared to do some serious retail therapy and realized I had forgotten my wallet! I just had my phone so before I bought anything, I just made sure that all the stores I went to accepted tap. Let's face it, Asian retailers are very technologically advanced so everyone looked at me like a crazy person when I asked if they had tap! Once a year, I make the trip to the store Green and Pure in Aberdeen Tower as the owner Wing is AMAZING and their store has some of the nicest brands and products that are of course all tried and tested by Wing!

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask
Purchased by me

As we were on a sheet mask hunt that day, my eyes immediately zeroed in on a pack of these purple beauties from a brand I didn't know of at the time. I think something may have happened because the Yoji Lab website because it's not there and they haven't been active on social media...I don't normally like featuring things that you can't purchase anymore, but the ingredients were really good and should they ever come back, they are worth getting!

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

What drew me this mask was the focus on niacinamide which is the second ingredient in the ingredients list which said to me this mask was serious business! This sheet mask also contains hyaluronic acid, willowbark extract, Chinese cinnamon (high in antioxidants), oregano extract and a host of other plant botanicals to aid in providing hydration, radiance and controlling sebum production. There is no added fragrance or phthalates so sensitive skin types can rejoice!

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

From the packaging it was not clear what material the mask was made of and the only reference I saw was "gel mask", but as it turns out it is a biocellulose mask! That alien skin texture was unmistakable!

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: I want to say $75 for a box of 4 masks?

Skin concerns: Brightening, hydration, redness, acne scarring, dark spots, fine lines

Scent: None

Essence Type: Clear and very watery which made the mask a bit drier than other biocellulose masks I have tried. Usually the essence is thicker so the mask stays hydrated for longer. Even as I was applying the mask, I could feel the moisture disappearing.

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin - standard biocellulose thickness.

Mask Fit: Good compared to a conventional sheet mask, but not quite as smooth as a high quality biocellulose mask like FBO or Lumeclat by Bioesque.

Tackiness: Zero

Hydration: Medium - I needed moisturizer for sure.

Other notes: The mask material itself has a bit of texture on the one side. 

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

Final verdict: Like I said, I really fell for the ingredients in this and overall, it was a good mask. I would have preferred a thicker essence as I felt the mask drying out around the 15-20 minute mark. Though the instructions only say to leave it on for 15 minutes, I feel like a good biocellulose mask should stay moist for around 30 minutes or more. Some stay moist for over an hour! I liked that this mask did not have any tackiness and that I was comfortably able to layer on my moisturizer afterwards. It wasn't the most groundbreaking first experience, especially for the price, but I am hoping that with continued use (the packaging suggests 2-3x/week), I will see some improvements in my skin!

See you all next week for the next sheet mask! 

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