SHEET MASK | DAF (Drawing a Fragrance) V7 Vita Pearl Mask

My FaceTory subscription introduced me to so many cool sheet masks some of them having the prettiest packaging that North American brands still have not come close to! Today's #SheetMaskSunday is one of those sexy masks so let's give it up for the DAF V7 Vita Pearl Mask!

DAF (Draw a Fragrance) Vita Pearl Mask
Included in my FaceTory subscription

This is a 3-step mask containing a pearl bubble cleanser (yes, it has pearl extract in it!), the sheet mask, which contains DAF's 7VITA and 5PEPTIDE Complex and whitening cream. This trio promises to make your skin shine "lively like a pearl"!

DAF (Draw a Fragrance) Vita Pearl Mask

The Bubble Cleanser was essentially a foaming cleanser so it left my skin feeling squeaky clean which I am not a fan of. The Whitening Cream was actually VERY whitening. Like scarily so because when I looked in the mirror, I looked like a ghost! I was not a fan of how my skin colour changed or looked rather grey. It was also very heavy feeling and I really had to work it into my skin. No thank you!

DAF (Draw a Fragrance) Vita Pearl Mask

The actual sheet mask was the best part and really I would be fine with it sold on its own! This mask is a blend of Lyocell and eucalyptus fibers which work to both hold essence in its fibers as well deliver ingredients to the skin. It was also pink probably because the essence was also light pink in colour. I kind of felt like a little pig wearing this!

The ingredients in the essence were quite good with the five peptides mentioned all in the top half of the ingredients list. The 7 Vita Complex is a blend of brightening plant ingredients that have either been patented in Europe or Cosmos or Eco certified. There are four forms of multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid as well as niacinamide so quite the party happening all in the top part of the ingredients list!

DAF (Draw a Fragrance) Vita Pearl Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $3.50 USD

Skin concerns: Dullness, brightening

Scent: Bouquet of sweet flowers

Essence Type: Pink, clear and viscous 

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Good

Tackiness: High

Hydration: Intense!

Other notes: This was so sticky that I couldn't wear my eye mask to sleep!

DAF (Draw a Fragrance) Vita Pearl Mask

Final verdict: I didn't care for the cleanser or the moisturizer, but the mask alone was really good. As intense as it was on the hydration, I feel like this is a mask that will make a difference in the skin with weekly use. I would probably apply it earlier on in the night as two hours was still not enough to absorb everything. The fragrance is on the stronger side than most sheet masks so if flowers bother you or if you have sensitive skin  this might not be the mask for you, but I didn't mind and would use this again if I could!

You can find the DAF V7 Vita Pearl Mask at various Kbeauty retailers. 

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