NAILS | Cadillacquer Lullaby Thermal Polish Swatch #MidWeekMani

Cadillacquer Lullaby Thermal Polish Swatch
Purchased by me

I promise this blog isn't a shrine to solely Cadillacquer polishes, but how can I resist featuring such beautiful thermal polishes?! Now, that I know thermal polishes don't stay thermal forever AND considering these polishes are almost $20 per bottle, it makes the most sense to use them when they are freshest! Today's thermal polish is "Lullaby" which goes from teal when warm to cobalt blue when cold. Also, I decided to try the coffin nail shape after breaking one of the corners from my thumb. Do we like this new nail shape?

Cadillacquer Lullaby Thermal Polish Swatch

Also, in my nail polish clean out that I have been doing the last 3 weeks, I have given away 200 polishes and thrown out about 100! I also learned that I shouldn't be throwing old nail polish in the garbage because the chemicals can leech into the ground at the landfill. I cannot believe I didn't think about that so now I feel awful! I cannot find a place in Vancouver that recycles old nail polish bottles so it looks like I will have to dissolve the old nail polish with nail polish remover, dump out the contents onto a PAPER TOWEL and repeat until the no polish is left. Throw the paper towel out into the garbage. What confuses me is that it's ok for the polish to be in the paper towel? I guess it has already absorbed into the paper towel so it won't go into the ground? I feel like people can barely recycle cardboard let alone full on garbage, but now that I know this, I will make an effort to dispose of things this way. I cannot imagine how long it would have taken me to do 100 bottles and how many rolls of paper towel I would have used! 

Cadillacquer Lullaby Thermal Polish Swatch

Anyway, I have a couple more Cadillacquer polishes to showcase, but what I had wanted to do was go a little retro and feature the many MANY polishes I bought years ago, but never got a chance to showcase. When I was really into nails, I bought so many polishes and during my clean out, I just had to shake my head at how much money I spent back then. Now, I am stuck with either having to throw out totally unused polishes or give them away. Silly, young Jayne. 

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