NAILS | Rainbow Honey Charaxes x Metalmark #MidWeekMani


Rainbow Honey Charaxes x Metalmark

I know we are little past the middle of the week, but I just painted my nails and wanted to share them! These past couple of Sundays (they are the only days off my husband and I share), my husband and I have made a point of doing something together that's not a chore like grocery shopping. He works from home 95% of the time now and even though I love spending my time off on Cosmetic Proof, I have to respect the fact that to him staying at home is not as exciting for him as it is for me. So, to be good partners in life, I said that we should have a plan every Sunday to go out and see a movie, have a date OUTSIDE or for the last three Sundays finally plan out our apartment and what furniture to get!

Rainbow Honey Charaxes x Metalmark

We measured and mapped out everything to scale on graph paper and even made little scaled pieces of furniture to go on our map so that we knew what square footage we were using up/what we had left to work with. We have been spending about 3-5 hours each Sunday after lunch doing this which has been a nice balance of enjoying a day off and getting something productive done! 

We have narrowed down what pieces of furniture we would like to buy, but we realized that before we bought said pieces that we needed get rid of what we didn't want which is what we did yesterday. We called 1-800-JUNK and removed an old bookshelf, dresser and storage chest which cost almost $300, but I hate going to the junkyard myself so I didn't mind. You're probably wondering when I'm going to talk about this polish, but I am getting there! Part of the clean out this past Sunday was CLEARING A PATH for these items to move out of the beauty room/office which involved me cleaning up some boxes of...NAIL POLISH! I got rid of probably 50 bottles and I still have so much left! I was at it for 6 hours and I still have a little more to go and that's JUST the nail polish!

One of the brands that I rediscovered was a bunch of Rainbow Honey minis that I had never even opened the shrink wrap on so here is the blue creme Charaxes layered with two coats of the very glittery Metalmark! I picked these up back in the Fall of 2013 so while I did have to say goodbye to some of the RH polishes, these two were part of the group that survived! RH was SO GOOD with glitters so I miss the brand a lot.

Rainbow Honey Charaxes x Metalmark

Anyway, this Sunday is going to be a crazy furniture day as we will be swapping some things around in the office with the living room. The thing that will make this a little crazy is that I will lose quite a bit of shelf space for my beauty stuff. My husband says I should just get a garbage back and throw stuff out, but I can't do that...I have been routinely going through the skincare I have received in PR especially to make sure it hasn't gone bad, but it just takes a long time to review for me. I think what I will really be saying goodbye to is makeup as that is a department I have not revisited since the end of 2019! 

Have a great weekend everyone and wish me luck!

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