NAILS | Cadillacquer Vita (Thermal) Swatch

Cadillacquer Vita (Thermal) Swatch
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I didn't get a chance to paint my nails in time for a #MidWeekMani as I wouldn't really consider Saturday the middle of the week! I was able to take three extra days off this week as it will be a loooooong time before I can take vacation days again as we are very short-staffed at the moment. I think the next time I have off is for my birthday in July which is fine. It's something to look forward to! I just pray that we don't have another heat dome! 

Cadillacquer Vita (Thermal) Swatch

As a lover of green polish, Cadillacquer Vita is all sorts of wonderful! Going from a deep forest green when cold to a juicy lime when hot, this iridescent flakie wonder is yet another stunner from this indie polish brand! Hands down, the best thermals I have ever used! The transition stage is also just as pretty! Like WOW! 

Cadillacquer Vita (Thermal) Swatch

This weekend is all about continuing the beauty clean up and moving furniture around. I have been focusing a lot on culling my nail polishes and trying to figure out a way to store it that is still accessible, but short of creating a massive wall, they are currently in labeled boxes and stacked against the bedroom wall. I think I have thrown out about 50 polishes and given away another 30. I have also been giving away skincare and makeup along the way and trying to create as much room as possible, but let's face it - I have too much and not enough space to house it all! I have been accepting much less PR than before since 2020 and I don't reach out to brands anymore as I know I no longer have the energy to review and blog whole makeup/skincare collections. I also don't have TikTok (I refuse!) and don't do a lot of Reels which is what brands look for so my cache is also not as high as others and that is totally fine by me. The last two years has truly taught me to be at peace with not getting what others have and not trying to monetize this space as it is far easier to focus on my day job and make money there! Anyway, wish me luck this weekend!

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