SHEET MASK | Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask
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Here we are with another sheet mask on another #SheetMaskSunday! How long have I been doing this? 2 years now? I think I started in 2020 as a way to regulate my blogging schedule a bit AND because it was the year my work started closing on Sundays for "pandemic times". We are actually STILL closed on Sundays now and I have to say it is just so nice having a set day off for EVERYONE where you know nothing can happen on this one day!

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

I never thought I would have ever reviewed so many Sephora Collection masks on my blog because I initially wasn't a fan of them, but every time they come out with something new I'm like "Gimme gimme!" I picked up The Hemp Mask back in July 2020 moreso because it was new and the packaging was very cute! Mattifying masks are not exactly what I look for, but I thought maybe for the summer it would be useful. 

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

This hemp oil hydrogel mask is literally infused with green tea leaf bits and works to mattify the skin and reduce excess oil production. Like all of Sephora's sheet masks, this mask also contains ingredients that are 95% natural origin! 

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

I try not to spoil the surprise for myself too much so I generally don't look at the back of the packaging to see what the mask really looks like. This is why when I saw the green tea leaves embedded in the actual hydrogel, I was actually quite shocked and thought it was quite cool looking! I am always up for an entertaining sheet mask and this definitely did it! It also fit my face well! The only thing I didn't like was the scent. It was super strong and earthy and didn't seem to fade much while I had the mask on.

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $7 CDN

Skin concerns: Oil control

Scent: Very hempy and earthy to the point of being overwhelming.

Essence Type: Green and watery

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin for hydrogel, but in a good way as it allowed the mask to curve to contours without lifting or sliding off because of being too heavy

Mask Fit: Very good actually!

Tackiness: Zero

Hydration: Actually not bad for a mask that was mattifying! 

Other notes: N/A

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

Final verdict: Even though I really did not like the scent of the essence, this mask turned out to be quite nice! My skin felt super smooth upon removal and it did actually look quite matte even though there was NO silicone in the ingredients list! Sadly, I don't see this mask in stock anymore, but I hope it comes back for the summer because now that I know the results, I definitely want more!

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