NAILS | Cadillacquer Mascot Swatch #MidWeekMani

Cadillacquer Mascot Swatch
Purchased by me

I have been so tired this past week. Maybe it's the humidity and how uncomfortable it has been to sleep, but I can never get to sleep early even though I am tired and feel like I haven't slept a wink by the time the sun rises. I sleep with an eye mask, but it doesn't seem to be enough to block out every bit of light. At any rate, it has also been very busy at work with what feels like my body and mind being pulled in multiple directions, but such is life. I even stopped taking my CBD for a few days because it didn't seem to help much. I will be taking vacation in about 2 weeks for my birthday so I guess I have that to look forward to, but for now I will try to focus on getting some better sleep!

Cadillacquer Mascot Swatch

I wore these Cadillacquer "Mascot" nails to a work dinner a few weeks ago when I had my beautifully long coffin nails. The pinky nail ended up getting ripped off a few days later which meant I had to chop every nail down and start growing them out again. I have to say that I did feel incredibly sexy with these super long nails and found myself constantly tapping them seductively ASMR style on random surfaces. The nail polish colour was also so stunning that my nails looked even better! I will try to grow out my right hand too, but right now the nails on my right hand keep breaking from use so who knows if I will ever get there!

Cadillacquer Mascot Swatch

I have the day off today so I am going to do some errands and resume the beauty clean out that I have been chipping away at since April. I am only doing it 1-2x/week for a couple of hours as it is too tiring to do after work which is why it is so slow going, but it's getting there! I've given away and thrown out so much which does feel good to do as well discovering some old favourites!

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