SHEET MASK | Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask
Purchased by me

This was one of the first masks I received in my FaceTory subscription and it got me hooked on them! I loved the packaging for this Rose Heart sheet mask so much that I even used it in MULTIPLE flatlays. I mean, the blue, the hearts it was all pretty perfect! The other reason I was enamoured by this mask was the fact that it was a 2-stepper! 

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

What makes this mask special? Well, for starters the eye holes are shaped like hearts and this mask contains Rosa centifolia flower water and a 10 vitamin complex containing Vitamins A-E! It also does indeed smell like roses! 

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

The sheet mask itself is made of cotton and weighs 90g which I feel is a lot for a mask! It definitely was on the thicker side, BUT it also absorbed and held all 31g of essence! The thickness of the mask reminded me a lot of the Pitera SK-II sheet mask. Thick as hell, but it didn't budge and soaked up every bit of essence that was in the packet!

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: I think it was around $4 USD

Skin concerns: Dryness

Scent: Powdery and floral. I think it is supposed to smell like roses?

Essence Type: Milky, watery

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: In the sheet mask world, I would consider this mask to be thick. 

Mask Fit: Forehead was a bit a short and the chin kept lifting probably because of how thick the mask material was, but it did hold on to essence incredibly well. 

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Decent on its own, but not heavy enough that I didn't feel uncomfortable adding on moisturizer which was Step 2! 

Other notes: 31g of essence! Skin looked very bright and white upon removal.

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

The second step of this mask was a heart-shaped packet that was torn out (so cute!) containing a gel-cream moisturizer with a very silicone-y texture. I have found this pretty common in a lot of multi-step sheet masks and I am not sure why! I have a feeling it is because dimethicone-based moisturizers function the same way as sleeping masks that seal in the intense hydration treatment just provided by the sheet mask.

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

Rose Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask

Final verdict: I really liked this mask and was pleasantly surprised at the results as I was only expecting pure skintertainment from a mask with heart-shaped eye holes! Unfortunately, this mask seems impossible to find for purchase. It seems to be available through obscure Asian e-tailers or through the Rose Heart website, but I am not sure if they ship internationally. If you ever get the chance to pick this mask up, you will not be disappointed! 

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