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The Oozoo is one of those cool and trendy sheet mask brands where the packaging is super sexy and you have cool things like "capsules to pop"! The last time I reviewed The Oozoo was back in 2017 with Oozoo Bear where I had to pop the serum in his "ear" with the concept behind these capsules being to infuse your sheet mask with the freshest version of serum/ampoule. Some masks have you roll up/down half of the mask until they pop like Oozoo Bear but The Oozoo capsule series has a 3D capsule in the shape of the theme of the mask which I find adorable! I have another mask review coming with a similar concept and the CUTEST packaging!

The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask

This sheet mask focuses on "recovering" and soothing damaged or sensitized skin with the special recovery capsule containing a blend of hyaluronic acid, passionfruit, coconut and sunflower seed oil as well as willow bark extract to lightly exfoliate and brighten the skin. The sheet mask itself also has its own essence containing soothing ingredients like grape fruit water, rice extract and even eggplant fruit extract which is a source of antioxidants! THAT I have never seen before!

The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask

The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask

Popping the capsule was fun and required even pressure with two thumbs to hear that satisfying *POP*! The serum poured into the mask packet very easily and after massaging the packet for a few seconds, the mask was well soaked. The only negative about the capsule is that because it is a hard plastic, there is still some ampoule stuck on the sides that you can never really push out once the capsule has been pressed. Whether the idea of popping a "fresh" infusion of serum is better than just a normal sheet mask, I do not know for sure, BUT my skin did look and feel better than just a "regular" sheet mask upon removal!

The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask

The mask sheet itself was made of a plush mesh material that felt like a gelatinous cushion. It sounds weird, but it was actually quite luxe feeling and comfortable to wear.

The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask

Mask Summary

Price: $3.99 CDN

Skin concerns: Tired, dull or dry skin

Scent: Very lightly floral and quite pleasant! 

Essence Type: Slightly viscous

Duration: 25 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Fairly good, with some slight lifting around the nose, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a few snips with scissors.

Tackiness: Super light

Hydration: Very nice! My skin felt super soft to the touch. 

Other notes: The mask had a mesh-like texture and combined with the essence, it felt almost gelatinous and soft. It was a cool sensation and very pleasant!

The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask

Final verdict: What really stood out with this mask was the super comfy and soft mesh fabric. Obviously the capsule is a super fun aspect, but what really made this mask a memorable one was the sheet mask material being something extra special. The results were also very satisfying and if I could find this mask again, I would get it! 

You can find the The Oozoo Power Capsule Recovery Mask at various Korean e-tailers. Oddly enough, I actually picked this up at my local London Drugs one afternoon! I never saw it again after that though!

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