LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Jun. 3rd - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things, Wrapping up #SheetMask365, Top Gun and LEGO Fun at Work



After being sorely disappointed with The Book of Boba Fett, I was really hoping that Obi-Wan Kenobi would be better and so far it is! I am a big Ewan McGregor fan and it is interesting to see how the world  sees Jedis after all the shit that went down in Episode 3! 



If you are like me, I have been loving the Stranger Things series and could not wait for season 4! I cannot believe it has been 6 years since the show started, but it is funny, delightfully scary and thrilling. The acting is great across all ages and I love that each age group has different storylines going on that eventually merge within the episode. I also love the 80s vibe and the nostalgia that comes with this series and there is so much action packed into each episode you never feel like you have wasted your time.


I don't have a photo for this as I think you all see enough, but I finally finished my #SheetMask365 Challenge! It took a bit longer than 365 days as there were a few times where I had some odd skin irritations and that random viral eye infection where it didn't feel safe to keep sheet masking everyday. I am probably still going to be sheet masking 3-5x/week as it is such a big part of my skincare routine now, but on Instagram you will only see what's new and cool instead of EVERY SINGLE MASK I use each night!


I have NEVER seen this movie and in anticipation of watching Top Gun: Maverick, I really wanted to see the original and after seeing enough references to various parts of the original Top Gun in Family Guy and other mainstream media, I finally understand the volleyball scene, Goose, "the need for speed" and how watching this just ONCE can have "Danger Zone" stuck in your head for DAYS. The acting was so cheesy and as much as I rolled my eyes at a lot of the dialogue, it was a fun movie and I get why it's so iconic.


I finished my LEGO Bonsai tree last week and my colleague positioned my Tiger in a VERY rude way on. day that I was off. I came in the next morning to find the above position on my desk! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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