NAILS | Rainbow Honey Evening Viola Swatch #MidWeekMani

Rainbow Honey Evening Viola Swatch
Purchased by me

Well, today was my first day back after a REALLY nice staycation and as usual, there are always a few things to follow up and catch up on. I always find it easier to come back in the middle of the week than on a Monday as it doesn't seem quite as stressful. I use to choose Sundays as my comeback day, but now that we are closed on Sundays, I've just been choosing any other day of the week than Monday. I've found that Friday is also a good day because even if you want to follow up, people are already checking out for the weekend so it buys you some time! 

I have also come to the understanding that as a manager, even though it takes a few hours to catch up, others don't see it that way and that you are expected to deal with things with the same efficiency and clarity as if you hadn't been on vacation. It's just the reality of things and even The Office had an episode that showcased this when Michael came back from Jamaica and wanted to do things on "Jamaican Time" when he literally got ambushed right when he walked in the door by Stanley about his bonus. As I knew this would happen, I had already been clearing out my inbox and staying aware of things, but not responding to anyone just because I HATE clearing out my inbox and catching up when I am back. There are too many distractions!

Rainbow Honey Evening Viola Swatch

As for this beautiful polish, it is pretty old and I had a hard time with application as it was getting thick and goopy. I did my best and at least "Evening Viola" will forever be immortalized here in this space as sadly, I don't think I can bring this polish back to life. 

Are you someone who checks their email during vacation to reduce the stress of your first day back?

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