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HAIR | Aveda Visit #8 and Getting Oil Slick Hair with Civello Robson

I am an Aveda Vancouver Ambassador. All treatments are complimentary.

I normally don't like having an entire post with just pictures of me, but this is the story of hair which is closely attached to my head so we can't escape it. Originally, I had an appointment booked in September at the Aveda Institute in Vancouver, but ended up having to re-book for mid-November at the newly-minted Civello Robson (formerly Aveda Tonic). This was my first time at a full service Aveda salon and I paid careful attention to how other clients were treated and the service was consistently excellent!

My hair has been in the blonde family for a year now and the whole point of being an Aveda Ambassador is to show YOU what these colourists are truly capable of so this time around I decided to go for "oil slick hair" and get rid of the blonde completely! I have been wanting actual colour in my hair, but knowing that black hair does not want to retain colour, I figured 
purple and blue would last longer than pastel shades. After a consultation with super stylist JT two weeks beforehand, I was in the chair!  

Aveda Oil Slick Hair

The Civello salon has a totally different feel from the institute mainly because the institute was also a school and there was always a lot going on with both students and clients coming and going. I found this experience to be much more chill and relaxing. JT was very engaging and told me that he had been mapping out how to do my hair the night before which really impressed me! I felt that he took pride in his work and that he wouldn't let me walk out of the salon with hair that didn't meet his expectations. Initially, I don't think he was thrilled with my suggestion of oil slick hair as the blue and purple would not wear well as the weeks went by. I had to reassure him that this was more about trying something new and sharing the journey. I am very realistic about my hair and what it is "capable of" and I wanted to show you all what an Aveda-trained stylist like JT can do with even the most challenging of hair colours!

Again, I wanted my roots untouched (no greys YET) so we merely focused on lifting as much colour out from the rest of my hair as possible. I went through two rounds of colour lifting which as I am sure some of you know can take awhile so bring snacks and books. In the time I was there, I could have flown to Toronto so make sure to walk around! It would have been even longer had I not been a little blonde in some areas already.

I wish I had gotten a photo of this, but the shampoo stations are higher and allow you to lie down so your neck is actually much closer to the sink. This is the FIRST time I have gotten a shampoo and not had my neck cramp up after 2 minutes! It's always comfortable at the beginning in those traditional chairs, but inevitably I always end up readjusting and being in pain! More places should have shampoo stations like those at Civello Robson!

This is the first time I have had my hair done by a guy and getting a head massage and shampoo from a guy is intense as the pressure was very firm!

Aveda Oil Slick Hair

Initially, the colour came out quite dark and jewel-toned which I loved! I was worried about how my boss would feel about it, but you could only see the blue and purple underneath direct light. JT said that he had done the colour in a houndstooth like pattern so that the colour looked continuous with hair movement. He also said that with every wash, the colour would lighten, but in a nice way which he was absolutely correct about! Even my boss likes it now! I actually like it more now than I did initially because the blue has become much more obvious and almost smoky in appearance! 

Aveda Oil Slick Hair

Aveda Oil Slick Hair

Aveda Oil Slick Hair
This was taken about a month after my initial colouring and about 9 washes in.

Aveda Oil Slick Hair
This was taken about 6 weeks after initial colouring and about 11 washes in.

Aveda Oil Slick Hair
This was taken last week.

Though the colours still show seamlessly when my hair is straight, I much prefer how it looks when curled and have only worn my hair straight once since getting this done. What has been really fun is wearing bolder lip colours like blood red, fuchsia or vampy purples. This hair colour is SO MUCH FUN and while most people have agreed that dark is better on me, I would still like to go lighter for the Spring and Summer so we will see what happens! Maybe lavender is in my hair future? Whatever I decide to do, I will wholeheartedly put my hair into the hands of Civello Robson! This oil slick hair is wearing incredibly well and I am LOVING it so much so thank you to JT and Aveda!

Have you ever wanted to be more adventurous with your hair?

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