SKINCARE | Imbue Rose Water Mists in Lust, Muse, Soothe and Heaven

We all understand and have experienced what it means to have a scent transport us back to a childhood moment or elicit an emotion. One local Vancouver company has managed to "imbue" their Rose Water Mists with their own personal scent memories in the hopes of inspiring you to create your own or revel in Lust* ($22.00 CDN each), Muse*, Soothe* and Heaven*.

Imbue Rose Water Mists Review

Made with a base formulation of purified water, rose water, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils to create the various scents, Imbue makes sure ALL of your emotional needs are met with these four scents. I myself have sprayed each one over the course of the day depending on how I am feeling. In addition to just smelling GOOD, these rose water mists are also hydrating so I have been using them in place of toner, to moisturize my dry scalp and of course as a general pick-me-up.

Imbue Rose Water Mists Review

Lust is a sweetly floral rose water mist and is described as a floral, sweet rosewood with a dash of patchouli, rosewood, orange and vetiver. This is the "romantic" one of the group, but it obviously depends on individual preference and I still have yet to even figure out if I have a scent that reminds me of sensuality. Maybe chocolate, French Fries and Cheetos?? Can someone encapsulate that? Ha!

Muse is a sweet and citrus scent that wakes me up and energizes me in the middle of the day or first thing in the morning. This rose water mist is a blend of g
rapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime and mandarin essential oils.

Soothe is a blend of b
ergamot, grapefruit, lavender, marjoram, tea tree, spearmint and chamomile essential oils and is perfect for headaches, nausea or just feeling like you have had a "breath of fresh air". I generally love citrus and minty scents so Muse and Soothe would be a MUST for me!

Heaven is what I would recommend if you could only choose ONE because it seems to encompass what is appealing to most with a blend of t
angerine, jasmine, rose, neroli, ylang ylang, vanilla and lime essential oils. It is warm, floral and citrusey all at once and actually makes me FEEL happy. This rose water mist is a serious mood changer.

Imbue Rose Water Mists Review

I found it difficult to choose an absolute favourite scent or even one that I used more than the others because each one has a scent that is so unique yet compliment each other so well. This is why you need to get ALL OF THEM. To aid in this process, Imbue has ever so conveniently packaged all four rose water mists in one set for $78 so that you can enjoy all of them whenever the mood strikes! 

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