NAILS | J&S Nails 1 Step Gel Polish Swatch in SR7 - The FASTEST Manicure I have ever done! #ManiMonday

SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE. I received 18 J&S Nails 1 Step Gel Polish shades a little while ago to experiment and play around with and I am kicking myself for not trying these polishes out sooner! J&S Nails is a Canadian company that specializes in 5-FREE, 1 step gel polish application. How many times have you all seen "one step" and had it disappoint you? Countless times, right? Well, not THIS time because I was so floored when both hands were done and cured within 10 minutes. SERIOUSLY! 

J & S Nails 1 Step Gel Polish in SR7 Review Swatch

Most gel polishes require a cured base coat, followed by two coats of polish and then a cured top coat to give that unmistakable gel polish shine. Both of these photos have NO TOP COAT. Ladies and gentlemen, what you are seeing is just the polish. Shining on its own! That bottle I am holding is the only bottle of anything I used!

Like any gel manicure, it is important to clean the nail beds of any oils using a lint-free wipe and alcohol. This is known as "dehydrating" the nail bed and helps the polish to stick. After doing this, I painted one thin coat of the deep purple SR7 (I wish the names were more fun and the bottles more descriptive of the shades inside because they all look the same!) and cured. I have an LED lamp, so I cured for 60 seconds. If you have a UV lamp, you will need 2 minutes. I painted another thin coat and cured for another 60 seconds. BAM! I was done. No wiping was needed because my nails were not sticky to the touch! Incredible, right?!  

J & S Nails 1 Step Gel Polish in SR7 Review Swatch

I tried adding some nail art studs, but they kept sliding around in the polish and not staying still so I will have to consult my nail tech friends to see how to add physical art to gel polish. J&S Nails and I have some other nail art to try so I am going to try dotting and stripes next!

Final verdict: I was so amazed at how effortless and quick this whole procedure was and will update if the wear time is less than a few days. This should last at least a week like most gel polishes, but I have one more manicure to do this week so I don't think I will make it until then. I usually start seeing a little bit of wear on my right even after one day as I am right-handed so I will update in a few days, but for now I am LOVING how everything turned out!

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