BATH & BODY | New and Old Favourites from the Lush Christmas Collection!

It is seriously taking all of my willpower NOT to order more from the Lush Christmas collection. There are so many new additions that are SO CUTE! I have put myself on a slight no-buy as my place has far too many holiday goodies in it already that will probably take me until June to finish! I may wait until Lush's annual Boxing Day sale to score a few things, but waking up at 6am just REALLY SUCKS so we shall see!

This year Lush has not let us down with the number of new and fun products to try so hopefully I can help you to narrow down what you should be picking up as shopping at Lush can be overwhelming if you don't know where to begin!

Lush Christmas Collection Review

OMG SO CUTE. The Santasaurus* ($8.95 CDN) is scented with the iconic and one of my most favourite scents, the Honey, I Washed the Kids fragrance (toffee!), this reusable bubble bar has anywhere from 2-3 uses in it. I love that this T-rex has been made with non-existent arms just like the real thing! Too funny.

Lush Christmas Collection Santasaurus

The Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb* ($6.95 CDN) is a dazzling array of blue and gold swirls scented with bergamot, honey and Brazilian orange essential oils. Lush bath bombs are well, DA BOMB and it can be hard to get a sense of what they smell like in-store with so many other scents around, but this one is definitely one to get if you enjoy sweet, creamy scents.

Lush Christmas Collection Shoot for the Stars

Bring on the bubbles with The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar* ($7.45 CDN)! This is a citrus blend of bergamot, Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils and is good for up to two baths or ONE GIANT BUBBLE BATH!

Lush Christmas Collection Christmas Penguin

It ain't Christmas without a festive new shower gel and though nothing can replace my Snow Fairy, the Bubbly Shower Gel* ($9.95 CDN/100mL) is a citrus blend that reminds me some sort of sweet alcoholic beverage. This isn't my favourite Lush shower gel, but it's a safe one that most people will enjoy.

The Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion* is an incredibly hydrating moisturizer similar in formulation to Lush's sister company Steamcream. This is an oatmeal infusion containing no water and is scented with lavender for a comforting and relaxing scent. This is one of my new favourite moisturizers because it's not as greasy as Celebrate.

Lush Christmas Collection Bubble and Sleepy

There are SO MANY other things I want from the Lush holiday collection. I won't have time to review them, but tune into my IG story this week for more! All of these products are available at Lush stores NOW.

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