NAILS | Merry Christmas from these Winter Critters!

I have now done my nails 4x in the space of 7 days which is CRAZY for me, but it has also been satisfying to try all of these nail art designs that I have been wanting to try for years! With hubby visiting family this Christmas, I have been doing my nails almost every night as a way to wind down for the night and last night I was happily watching "Elf" and then decided at 12am to do these winter animal nails after seeing this video from Elleandish last night, I was like YES. Winter critters it is. 

Winter Holiday Polar Bear Nail Art

I loved Janelle's take on these wintery animals especially the sleepy-eyed polar bear and unimpressed-looking penguins. In all honesty, I get really tired of holiday shades of red, gold and green and I have now started looking more for "winter"-themed manis as opposed to Christmas because I'm at an overload point.

I was looking through the shades for OPI's Breakfast at Tiffany's collection and I realized that amongst the reds, there were some untraditional shades like the sky blue "I Believe in Manicures"* which was the base shade for today's manicure. For the baby seal and polar bear, I used OPI Infinite Shine - Non-Stop White* to paint rough circles at the tip of my nail. For their noses, I used OPI Infinite Shine - Go to Grayt Lengths* and then added eyes and noses with black acrylic paint.

Winter Holiday Polar Bear Nail Art

I don't think I'll be drawing anymore penguins for awhile, but these ones seemed so aloof that I couldn't resist! For their bodies, I used OPI - Black Dress Not Optional* and then Non-Stop White for their bellies and eyes. Their little noses were dotted on with Sinful Colors - Feel the Vibe.

The accent nail was pretty straightforward with two coats of OPI - Champagne for Breakfast* and then Non-
Stop White snowflakes on top. Cover it all with glossy top coat and you are done!

Winter Holiday Polar Bear Nail Art

 Merry Christmas everyone!

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