MAKEUP | SEPHORA Collection Ultimate Oil in Gel Lipstick Remover Review

A long-wearing lipstick is one the first things we all want, but one of the caveats is always "How many centuries is it going to take to remove this bad boy?" I've tried lip scrubs which can hurt if you are incredibly gungho, oil-based makeup removers which work, but can leave your lips tasting funny and makeup wipes, which can both leave a funny taste and make my lips burn. In my desperation for trying something new, I picked up the SEPHORA Ultimate Oil in Gel Lipstick Remover (15mL/$8.00 CDN) as it was fairly inexpensive for a Sephora product and I hoped the gel would reduce the amount of irritation I was experiencing on my lips.

The gel itself is incredibly spreadable across the lips, almost like a gel moisturizer thanks to isodecacane, which is generally used in lotions and is weightless in feel on the skin (November 2015, The aloe also gives a pleasant cooling sensation. I apply a small amount all over my lips, wait about 20 seconds and then remove with one of those "non-furry" cotton pads or even just a square of toilet paper. With toilet paper, I don't even wipe, I just firmly blot my lips and the colour comes right off!

Final verdict: Ever since I started using this for lip swatches, it has been a lifesaver. At this rate, the 15mL is going to vanish in no time at all, but this oil in gel invention really does work! I don't get an oily residue left behind and it doesn't smear the existing colour on my skin which is ANOTHER pet peeve of mine when using oil-based makeup removers. If you plan on making MUFE's Aqua Rouge or Rimmel's Provocalips your mainstay lip products, this lipstick remover is going to save you and your lips a lot of grief!
How do you remove lippies that stay on all day?

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