HAIR | Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid & Moisture Rich Smoothing Mask Review

I've been fighting frizz since 1995 which is also when puberty hit so I blame the hormones. My hair is quite coarse naturally and without any help, I feel like there is a constant halo of frizz hovering just above my actual hair. I think of it as my own personal ozone layer so when someone tells me that there is a product that will tame frizz without loss of volume AND contains botanicals that are GOOD for my hair, I say okay! Let's get it on!

Lisap is based and manufactured in Milan, Italy with 60 years of haircare experience. When it comes to nice hair, I feel like the Italians always have such shiny, thick heads of hair so I feel I can trust them. Lisap has an extensive product line, but as my concern was getting frizz-free and smooth hair, I decided to stick with keeping my hair hydrated with Lisap's ULTIMATE Collection. Formulated with a "Kerasil complex", hydrolyzed keratin and ceramide A2, hair is strengthened leaving it silky and under control. We shall see!

The Moisture Rich Smoothing Mask* is an intense conditioning mask with macadamia oil and shea butter. Hair masks have become a bit of a ritual because if I don't use one, it gets really difficult to run a straightener through it to curl. Some masks are better than others and the true test is whether I can get a brush through my hair after a shower. I've only had two conditioners able to give that perfect amount of "slip" and this smoothing mask is number three! After about 5 minutes, I rinse it off and my hair feels plump and silky. Yes, this silkiness is probably due to dimethicone, but hair is not the same as skin. The scent of this mask was the most surprising as it smelled VERY sweet. Reminiscent of cotton candy.

The Straight Fluid* ($23.25) was what I used the most as I use heat products all the time on my hair. The scent was quite strong in this product which I was not a fan of, but thankfully it disappears within a few seconds. This not only smooths my hair prior to straightening, but acts as a heat protectant. I was originally using this on dry hair, but after reading what it actually said on the bottle, it works much better if sprayed on WET hair followed by blow-drying. Even without straightening, my hair was visibly "more calm" with less of a "frizz halo". While I wish this came out more of a mist instead of a hard spray, it did work on my ends where I tend to apply my ceramic straightener the most in terms of making them look less straw-like.

Final verdict: While I am curious about what sort of difference the Ultimate Taming Shampoo would have made to this three step system, both the mask and straightening fluid did work to reduce frizz by what I suspect is more like sealing the hair shaft so that moisture stays in. I just wish the two products smelled more "botanical" instead of the cotton candy sweet fragrance it is now. 
While I also prefer a heat protector that works better on dry hair, the Straight Fluid worked much better than what I am using currently so this is my new favourite for now! 

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