NAILS | Mary Kay Fall Nail Lacquer in Polished Pearls and Berry Stylish

It has been a long time since I have just swatched for you all, but never fear, there is also some failed nail art at the bottom that I am DETERMINED to get perfect, but decided to share how this attempt went! In addition to some city chic eye colours from Mary Kay (here) and making everyone in your house smell amazing (here), your nails are also about to join the fun with three new limited edition nail lacquer shades in: Polished Pearls* ($10.00 CDN each), Berry Stylish* an Gallery Grey*.

Polished Pearls is not my favourite type of nail polish finish as I prefer the smooth finish of a creme as opposed to a pearl. Nevertheless, two coats and opacity was reached!

Now, comes the ugh part. I decided to try some diamond shaped vinyls that just DID NOT work at all! I did the accent nail first with Berry Stylish and there was so much bleeding that I decided to just use the vinyl in sections, but won't see the last of me and my attempts with vinyls!

The limited edition nail polish collection is available until Nov.15th. Find it at or with your Mary Kay consultant.

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