SKINCARE | Gettin' Oiled Up with New Lipidol Skincare Oils!

From the makers of the cult healing oil Bio-Oil, come six new skincare oils for the face and body from Lipidol! We are now seeing how amazing oils are for the skin and that even oily skin types should embrace the fact that oils are good! The can both lift dirt and makeup from the skin and prevent stripping of the skin's natural oils. Lipidol combines this plus the healing aspect that Bio-Oil was so well-known for. Each skincare oil contains anti-flammatory ingredients like chamomile as well as essential oils shown to have functional skincare benefits. Sounds amazing, right? What's even more amazing is that nothing in the collection is more than $8.97. Crazy!

The Cleansing Face Oil* (125mL/$8.97 CDN) is made with medical grade liquid paraffin, a highly refined mineral oil, and is scented with rosemary and niaouli essential oils. I know many people get scared when they see this ingredient, but mineral oil that is highly refined is non-irritating and forms a barrier on the skin that aids in healing. While I don't have a problem with mineral oil, I know there are many opinions on whether this is toxic or not so I will leave the decision up to all of you! I used this as my first step of a double cleanse on dry skin and like most cleansing oils, this became a white creamy texture with the addition of water. After rinsing, my skin was left somewhere in the middle of squeaky clean and lightly hydrated. Some cleansing oils feel like there is a oil residue left behind, but not this one.

The Overnight Face Oil* (50mL/$8.97 CDN) is also made with medical grade liquid paraffin. This facial oil has a wonderful scent that is both comforting and refreshing. Lightly scented with ylang ylang and black pepper, this oil promises to replace skin's natural oils during the skin's nightly rejuvenation process. It is light in consistency, but does takes around 1.5 hours to absorb depending on how parched your skin is. It was so light that I poured out too much the first time and ended up having to do an overnight BODY oil treatment!

I fell so in love with the products while I was reviewing them that I went out to Wal-Mart and bought the Cleansing Body Oil* (200mL/$8.97 CDN) too! I have never used a cleansing BODY oil and I needed that green to complete my little Lipidol collection! The Cleansing Body Oil is soybean oil-based and lightly fragranced with lime essential oil which I love! Unlike the Cleansing Face Oil, the body oil needs to be applied to WET skin where it too starts to form a thick white cream. Not as thick as a soapy lather, but it was enough to make me feel like I was clean. I needed about 2-3 drops/limb so I did feel like I was using more than if I were to use a shower gel or bar soap, but what the body oil did do well was not to strip my skin of moisture. I found that I wasn't itching (literally) for the moisturizer right out of the shower like I normally am.

In this season of dry oils, I thought the After Shower Oil* (175mL/$8.97 CDN) would be similar, but it is actually a liquid paraffin-based body oil scented with soothing chamomile essential oil. Like all of the other Lipidol products, this shower oil is non-comodogenic and while it does take a couple of minutes to absorb into the skin, it was not too greasy feeling. Like most shower oils, this can be applied to wet skin followed by a towel pat down.

Final verdict: While I liked everything here, my favourite products would have to be the Cleansing Body and Face Oil. The pricing is to die for and thought there is also a shave and sunscreen oil, I think these four products will be the ones I use the most. If you have dry, sensitive skin or love cleansing oils, big thumbs up for Lipidol!

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