FRAGRANCE | Memories of Orange Creamsicle with the Demeter Fragrance Library #CBBScentMemory

Last year, the CBB and the Demeter Fragrance Library made some beautiful music together with the Christmas Scent Memory collaboration (read all about my memory here) so you can imagine how excited we all were to work together once more. It isn't often that a beauty product allows you to do some introspection (I mean, when was the last time your eyeliner made you think about your relationship with your mother?). Ever since my first experience with Demeter fragrances, I sit on the edge of my seat wondering what they'll think of next! This year's scents brought me back to childhood as well as allowed me to make new "scent memories" by layering some scent memories from Demeter's own CEO!


Rice Paddy*, Mountain Air* and Vanilla Cake Batter* are memories captured in a bottle by Demeter Ceo Mark Crames. Rice Paddy was inspired by a trip to Taiwan surrounded by rice paddies, Mountain Air inspired by a trip to Alaska and Vanilla Cake Batter inspired by a childhood memory of being able to lick the cake batter off the spoon and bowl when Grandma was baking. All three of which smell just glorious and layer beautifully with each other and the scents that were curated just for me.

Orange Cream Pop* 
is literally orange creamsicle in a bottle! I had an almost unhealthy obsession with these as a child and the only reason I don't have them now is because my husband can't stand them and it's just NOT SAFE to have a whole box of these all to myself! The "cream" aspect is perfectly captured and that hint of citrus comes right at the end. It's perfect on its own and while I may not wear this to the office, it's wonderfuly comforting to smell at home.

Vanilla Cake Batter* smells just like freshly made cake batter. It isn't that artificial vanilla, but instead smells just like the true vanilla essence. This is really what ALL vanilla-scented things should smell like!

Orange Cream Pop + Vanilla Cake Batter = As you can probably guess, this is QUITE sweet when paired together, but not unpleasantly so. This combination is the most memory-evoking as these vanilla has long been a favourite scent of mine ever since I baked my first cake when I was 10 years old. I had and still have SUCH a sweet tooth, but now that my adult metabolism has kicked in, treats like these might be best in fragrance form!

is so incredibly fresh and ever sightly faintly floral. It was one of the scents that was chosen for me to layer and blend with Orange Cream Pop. When I first saw the trio of scents that were selected for me I honestly thought that nothing would go with OCP as it was so sweet, but oddly enough when paired together all that comes out is a slightly floral citrus scent!

Daisy + OCP = The ability to wear OCP to the office! Adding Daisy transformed a childhood memory into a new one that makes me feel feminine and confident.

Rice Paddy* is again so incredibly accurate. I haven't been to a rice paddy before, but I can smell grassiness as well as a slight nutiness that for some reason is what rice smells like! It is a little sweet because of that grassy aspect and as lovely as this smells, I again felt like I could only wear it at home because of how sweet it smelled.

Rice Paddy + Daisy = That edge of sweetness was taken away and replaced with the fresh floral of Daisy. What did remain of Rice Paddy though was that slight nuttiness and a twinge of grass right at the end.

Moutain Air* was a scent I was excited about as I live next to mountains so the air is always very crisp. God, this smells so good. I swear, my lungs feel more clear after inhaling this. Unlike the other scents so far, there is not a hint of sweetness to this and smells sophisticated and chic.

Sunshine* reminds me of when my family and had a huge backyard where we hung all of our clothes to dry in the summer. The way my towel smelled when it had been crisped and dried by the sun is just what sunshine smells like.

Mountain Air + Sunshine = These two scents were made to be together. Sunshine balances out the sharpness of whatever is in Mountain Air that gives it that instant fresh scent. This combination is such a winner! 

Vanilla Cake Batter + Sunshine = If you are looking for just a hint of sweetness, VCB was just enough. I had to make a note of this combination because it ranked equivalent to Moutain Air + Sunshine in terms of wearability for me. Another stunning combination!

Daisy + Sunshine
= LOVE. Daisy gives Sunshine a floral aspect without completely overpowering it. Now, I can remember how the garden in my backyard smelled too. This is another combination I have been wearing regularly and would feel comfortable wearing all year round.

What scents would take you back to childhood and what would you like to try from the Demeter Fragrance Library? You can also find Demeter at Loblaw store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore.

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