EXPERIENCE | Aveda Sessions #4 & #5 - Going from Blonde to Brunette!

Back in December of 2015, I went in for my monthly colour appointment at the Aveda Institute and was expecting my regular blonde balayage to be toned up. For the first time, I had a student, Kayden, which wasn't a bad thing, but the process did take a little longer because the cut and colour had to be approved by a teacher and it was also a SUPER busy day at the school! My hair was in desperate need of a tone up as my blonde was looking quite warm and brassy so I asked for a slightly darker hair colour that would wear better over the coming weeks as I washed my hair. What ended up happening was far more dramatic than I was expecting, but ended up being a good thing!

I became a brunette! We did a demi permanent colour which contains no ammonia and is used for refreshing colour, toning highlights and enhancing natural colour. I was told it would last about 20 washes and that the colour left behind would be more like a light brown as opposed to brassy. I had been blonde for long enough that I was a bit shocked when everything was done, but I had to admit that this beautiful brown was perfect for the winter season and more professional-looking for work. I also had highlights done higher on my front bangs, but to this day my roots are still untouched. I have no greys and I will not touch the roots until greys come in!

My boss and hubby both loved it and all of you gave me so much IG love that I ended up hanging on to the colour for my next appointment too! What I loved about going darker was how much easier the colour was to maintain. I was still using purple conditioner, but I eased up on the purple shampoo.

For my next appointment last month, I wanted to go a little bit ashier on the brown, enrich the color as well as address the issue of my extremely dry and itchy scalp this season! I don't know what it has been about the weather, but my scalp has been so dry that it has been flaking on the front of my scalp. I have stopped taking hot showers which I thought were the main culprit, but it hasn't been working.

Tatiana, my stylist for the day, recommended an in-house scalp treatment which is a soothing essential oil treatment that can only be found at Aveda salons and is placed all over the scalp and massaged in. It instantly took the itch away! I would have purchased this in a heartbeat!

We decided to keep the length, but boost the colour with a bit of lighter tones throughout. I couldn't see the lighter shades at first, but that magical moment when your hair has been fully dried is my favourite "moment of truth"! Tatiana also lightly curled my hair which really showed off the hints of colour.

Overall, I am still enjoying my time as a slightly modified brunette. I have actually been getting A LOT more questions about my ethnicity ever since the change ranging from "Is your mom white?" to "You are mixed, right?". As amusing as it is to be an ethnic conundrum, maybe one day I will go back to black, but for now I think brown and possibly blonde may be on the horizon again. Both Kayden and Tatiana were great and I have to thank Kayden for getting me to try some new things because the end result turned out beautifully!

All services compensated by Aveda Canada.

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