NAILS | Trojan Condom Valentine's Day Nail Art

I have done somewhat risque nails in the past (middle fingers, sperm...) and granted I hold back because I am afraid to offend someone, a brand or a client at work. Obviously, I know there are boundaries, but this Valentine's Day I wanted something cute, funny as well as applicable! I will continue with the hearts over the next week, but we all know that sex is ALSO a part of Valentine's Day and though this day is usually not about casual hook-ups, it's still important to remember that condoms are the way to go if you want to protect yourselves against unplanned pregnancies and STDs!

Trojan condoms are fairly well-known and had a fun logo so they were definitely my brand of choice! Of course, I had to do some taping because "they're ribbed for her pleasure" ;-)

Trojan condom nail art

For my base colour, I did three coats of
OPI - Small + Cute = Heart* from the new Hello Kitty Collection. It was a touch streaky, so I had to add a third coat to even out the colour. For my taping, I waited for the pink to fully dry before applying striping tape. I then painted one thick coat of OPI - Never Have Too Mani Friends* and immediately pulled off the striping tape to achieve those crisp lines.
Trojan condom nail art

The Trojan was probably the most time-consuming to draw as it was all done with acrylic paint and a fine nail art brush. The condom is the happiest condom I have ever seen and was created with acrylic paint as well. I sealed the designs in with a top coat and voila!

Trojan condom nail art

Happy long weekend to those of you who have it this Monday!

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