NAILS | CND Vinylux Aqua-Intance Swatch #LoveCND

Yesterday I snuck away from work during my lunch break and spent some much needed TLC at the Onyx Aesthetics Studio for a lovely press event hosted by CND Canada debuting the new Spring Flirtation Collection. I have only let someone else touch my nails ONE other time in 2013 and Feb.10, 2016 was the SECOND time. You all know that I have a thing for all things nails which makes me oddly possessive of my own nails, but for CND and the girls at Onyx, I let go of my irrational fear and succumbed to CND Vinylux.  

This is two coats of CND Vinylux Aqua-Intance*, as applied by Nozomi from Onyx, and you can see how stunning this polish is! We finished off the manicure with CND's Weekly Top Coat and now I have pretty nails that I want to decorate with nail art, but I will resist and just enjoy the pureness of a solid colour.

 Onyx Aesthetics Studio is located in the heart of gastown and is such a warm and welcoming environment to get a mani and/or pedi with none other than CND! Expect to see more from CND on Cosmetic Proof!

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