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I love fragrance and have always been fascinated by the mysterious art of perfuming. How do you even get into that line of work?  It all seems so complicated and even when I smell my favourite scents and read what their notes are, I can't even imagine knowing that those notes would go well together. What makes a good base, middle or top note?

Once again the folks at Demeter have made fragrance fun, approachable and personal. Demeter is known for their many, many singular note fragrances in comfortable scents of vanilla to rain to crazy zombie (for real). I mean, they aren't called the Demeter Fragrance LIBRARY for nothing! This year, Demeter is giving us the gift of becoming our own perfumer with the release of Foolproof Blending Trios and Duos that allow for the creation of a unique scent to call your own.

As part of the CBB campaign, I received one Foolproof Blending Duo in Jasmine/Lavender* ($35.00 USD) and one 
Foolproof Blending Trio in Hawaiian Vanilla/Angel Food/Gingerbread* ($45.00 USD). The Duo also included an empty glass bottle as well as droppers for precision blending. I didn't see them at first and was literally DECANTING from one bottle to another. It just goes to show how excited I was to play perfumer!

Lavender is one of my favourite scents of all time as it helps me relax and is an essential oil that I have on the go in my apartment at all times because I use it my diffuser constantly. It can be strong as an actual fragrance, so I prefer if it is muted with something else. The Demeter version smells like a softened version of the pure lavender essential oils I have and is something I use on both my body and pillowcase when needed!

I have just discovered the joys of Jasmine and thanks to having rice all the time as a child the scent of Jasmine always takes me back to this (#ScentMemory). Demeter's Jasmine is more floral and though it might too heady of scent for warmer weather, it is perfect for wanting to feel cozy.

Since Lavender and Jasmine came together, they were the first duo I sprayed and mixed on the tester cards and though it was nice, it was strong. There was a lot of strength in this duo and was too much as a fragrance to wear on the skin. As a candle, body wash or anything else, I would have loved it.

Foolproof Blending Trio contained three scents that had a vanilla base note which has always been one of my all-time favourite scents (thank you Zoe for choosing this one!)

Hawaiian Vanilla was an instant LIKE. It is so beautiful on its own and actually paired off well with all of the other scents. It smells like vanilla bean, but with a slight floral at the end. It's just amazing. Angel Food has a touch of cinnamon/spice to it that I just want to eat, but not necessarily smell like. This sentence has actually taken far too long to write because I keep stopping to smell it. It is just so delectable! I hesitated with Gingerbread because it is a scent/food/flavour that I am not fond of in real-life, but once I smelled the Demeter version, it was just a more intense version of Angel Food which was just fine by me!

So what did I end up creating for my customized fragrance? I had to go with Lavender and Hawaiian Vanilla to create Tropical Serenity! Seeing as how Lavender was so strong, my ratio of Lavender to Hawaiian Vanilla was 1:2 which seemed to take it down a notch and give a sweetness that was wearable.

Mmmmmm, I love it! I am a master perfumer now ;-)

This collaboration was powered by the CBB and the Demeter Fragrance Library. 

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