BATH & BODY | Celebrating Valentine's Day with a Bit of a #LushCrush!

A couple of lovely Lush products showed up on my doorstep about 2 weeks ago and like most Lushies (can I call myself that now?) I had to open and smell/slather everything on right away! As always, there are a few new additions to Lush's limited edition Valentine's Day collection as well as some old classics.

Last year's debut of the awesome Unicorn Horn* ($7.95 CDN) was a highlight for me and my bath life so I was so happy to see it again this year! The only difference between this year's and last year's horn seems to be the absence of multi-coloured stars embedded in the horn.This horn is not only incredibly amusing to play with, but will have your bathtub swirling in a party of pastels and smelling of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli essential oils. 

The Prince Charming Shower Cream* ($9.95 to $32.95 CDN) is sort of a new addition this year as we are normally used to seeing the shower GEL version of this pomegranate and vanilla body wash. Nevertheless, the upgraded version will have you just as excited with its ultra creamy finish and bright red colour. It smells just as good so I guarantee you will love it just as much as the shower gel!

Another newbie is The Kiss Lip Balm* ($8.95 CDN) which I was so delighted to see transformed into a stick as it was in a pot last year. While I don't hate lip balms in pots, I prefer being hands-off when applying my lip balm especially when I am out. Now, if you're picking this up you NEED to pair it off with the matching The Kiss Lip Scrub* ($9.95 CDN) because like all of Lush's lip scrubs, this product is fully edible! With a touch of sea salt, cocoa butter and edible red hearts, not only will this lip scrub leave you with a smoochable pout, but with a little bit of a sweet tooth craving!

One thing that I often don't use enough of is bar soap. I get so sucked into the shower gel world that I forget how nice bar soaps can be. I have also never believed in roses on Valentine's Day because holy hell do the prices get crazy! I'd much rather spend my money on the new Lush 
Roses All the Way Soap* ($7.95 CDN) made with fresh rose infusion and rose oil. The only way I can describe this soap is that that it is the creamiest, most rose-like fragrance I have ever smelled. Combined with the warmth of the shower, the scent is almost dream-like. A bouquet of these and I will be the happiest woman alive.

This Lush Valentine's Day collection is a limited edition so head over to your nearest Lush this week or to to indulge!

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