FRAGRANCE | Avon Ultra Sexy Heart EDT Spray Review

I honestly thought I would be only posting about nails the week leading up to Valentine's Day, but something caught my eye - I mean, nose a few days ago. Avon's Ultra Sexy Heart* ($26.00 CDN) is a floral gourmand and is described as being "scented like gifts of love, maraschino cherries, irresistible red rose petals and decadent chocolate marshmallow". What sounds like an overwhelmingly sweet scent was totally not the case for me as there was a slight bite within the sweetness. With my limited amateur olfactory abilities, I couldn't even tell you which of the components is providing that "kick", but I know that I like it!

Housed in a sweet little glass bottle, t
he bite wears off a little bit and I am left with what I would think of as a marshmallow scent after a few minutes. Unfortunately it does not last all work day, but more like 4 hours which is not a surprise for an EDT like this one. Nevertheless, this is the scent I have been wearing the last few days "in honor" of Valentine's Day and I hope you get a chance to enjoy it too!

And if you're wondering where to get this adorable Hershey's Kiss pendant*, it is currently on sale at now! Ultra Sexy Heart EDT Spray is available from your local Avon representative or

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