HAIR | Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter

Food and hair. Believe me, I have been awfully tempted to drop a raw egg on my head, slather on coconut oil from root to tip or make some sort of avocado hair mask (I think eating the avocado makes WAY MORE SENSE!). These sort of DIYs have been around for awhile, but now that green beauty is suffice it to say, quite 'in", we are seeing some of the more mainstream hair companies integrate this DIY flavour into their products. Earlier this year, Garnier introduced, Garnier Whole Blends, a new line of visually appealing haircare products that contained natural ingredients aimed at caring for specific hair concerns. In addition to hair care, this new formulation would also be a sensorial experience guaranteed to put you in a great mood! There are six blends available and though my hair concerns didn't fit some of them, I wanted to grab a few others just for their scent!

Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I wish I knew how to review hair products like I do skincare, but generally I use the same philosophy which is to look at where in the ingredients list the featured ingredients are as well as how my hair looks and feels after a few weeks of using the products. With coloured hair, the goal is always moisture moisture moisture which is why I opted for the Garnier Whole Blends Avocado Oil and Shea Butter Shampoo* and Conditioner* which "deeply nourishes and replenishes" extremely dry hair.

Looking at where in the ingredients list the two featured ingredients lie, avocado oil (Persea gratissima oil) and shea butter are just after the halfway point. So, close to the end. There is argan oil close to the beginning of the list which probably accounts for some of the hydration, but oddly enough one of the featured ingredients.

Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Both the shampoo and conditioner smelled sweet and rich like shea butter and were quite creamy in consistency which wasn't a surprise as this is intended to be a hydrating duo. It did a great job of hydrating my scalp and keeping it happy, but I felt the conditioner was a touch too heavy which made volume at my roots a challenge. I try not to wash my hair for 2-3 days so the first day, I've gotta have the volume or else it'll have to be in a bun by day 3!

Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Final verdict: 
Sadly, after trying a number of salon and drugstore hair options, the end result for me was just okay. I even tried eliminating the conditioner and using just the shampoo with my regular purple conditioner and it was still not allowing my hair to be as voluminous as I wanted at the roots. Unfortunately, this particular Whole Blend was just not for me. I am curious about the others though so I haven't ruled out the line completely.

Garnier Whole Blends can be purchased at all mass drugstores across Canada.

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