NAILS | Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-In-One LED Gel Polish Prize Every Time Carnival Collection

I don't wear actual gel polish a lot, mainly because you have all seen how often I change up my manicures, but for this post I have been wearing this manicure for SEVEN DAYS!! I have a solid collection of Bio Seaweed Gel polishes, specifically the UNITY All-In-One gel polishes because UNITY polishes contain a base, colour and top coat all in one! It also cures to the touch without that sticky residue that is so typical of regular gel polishes.

Last summer the CBB was part of a Bio Seaweed Gel campaign (here) where a few of us showcased some nail art as well as our experience with BSG. Ever since then, I have been hooked on these polishes as my choice of gel polish! This summer's Carnival Collection is a collaboration with celebrity nail artist Kandi Yamz and features eight bright and happy colours that make us feel like summer is here year round! 

Bioseaweed Gel Prize Every Time Negative Space Nail Art

What makes BSG polishes even more special is their ability to cure in sunlight! Unfortunately, when I did this manicure it was cloudy so I had to use an LED lamp instead. Instead of a swatch, I wanted to use Prize Every Time*, a periwinkle blue, in a more interesting way and since you can't really do taping manicures with gel polishes I decided to create this negative space manicure by actually creating the negative space by hand. SO TOUGH. Getting that clean edge was brutal and after a solid hour on one hand I called time of death and cured. 

Bioseaweed Gel Prize Every Time Negative Space Nail Art

I had some issues with figure out the best curing times for this design as the polish was a bit thicker in certain areas. This was because I used a fine brush dipped in polish to intensify the opacity in certain areas. I ended up curing for an addition minute per coat ( 2 coats total). There was indeed no stickiness to wipe off, though you need to leave your nails for 3 minutes to let the curing process "settle".

Wear-time could have gone on for another week as my nails looked exactly the same as they did when I first did them with the exception of some nail grow-out. In terms of soak-off time, I would say 5-10 minutes was enough, but because I used acetone to soak-off the polish I definitely had dry nails afterwards. 

Bioseaweed Gel Prize Every Time Negative Space Nail Art

Final verdict: Though my nail art was kind of a fail, the polishes themselves have incredible durability and will easily last at least a week. I think sunlight is much stronger so I will make a point of doing my nails during the day because having a gel manicure all in one bottle is pretty impressive! 

The Bio Seaweed Gel Carnival Collection is available now!

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