NAILS | Karma Organic Acetone-Free Soybean Nail Polish Remover Review

Normally, I would never write about nail polish removers because in the end it's all kind of the same, right? You all know that I love nails, nail art and nail polish. Cosmetic Proof began primarily as a nail polish blog and I vowed that no one would ever see my face - just my left claw, but I am glad that I moved into makeup because blogging is now 1000x more fun/taking over every square inch of space!

I do my nails about 2-3x per week which may not sound like much, but multiply that by weeks and years and that means a lot of acetone on the nails which is incredibly drying. You DO NOT want to see what my nails look like after a round of acetone. I have a few non-acetone nail polish removers, but I rarely use them because they never seemed all that effective. A few years ago, I tried a natural brand and that was a total disaster as I had to actually leave the remover on my nails for couple of minutes before my all creme nail polish even budged! Suffice it say, I like acetone.
Karma Organic Soybean Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Review

At the beginning of last month, Jenn (A Beautiful Zen), Gerry (PBunnieP) and I took a little trip to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond which for me is either a one hour transit ride or just over an hour of driving. It is basically an all-Chinese area and for a banana like myself who doesn't speak Chinese, it truly feels like a cultural experience. We all decided to take transit that day as a car would have been a nightmare to try and park and the Skytrain took us right to the mall doors.

Aberdeen Centre has a number of go-to stores like Daiso, Aritaum (see excitement here) and one of my favourites Green & Pure Organic Beauty! To be honest, I never thought there would ever be a market for green beauty among the Asian community and to some extent, it is still quite small, but the folks and Green & Pure have spent years educating their clients that green beauty is just AWESOME. I first became acquainted with Green & Pure as a Tata Harper rep and immediately fell in love with the store and the owners. Everything on the shelves is tried, tested and true. If it doesn't work, they won't carry it. You know how as bloggers, we sometimes make the WORST consumers because we know too damn much in comparison to the sales associates? Not the case here! These guys know it ALL and I would highly recommend paying their store a visit!

In addition to picking up some Jin Soon polishes and Tata Harper moisturizer, G & P knew of my penchant for polish and gave a new-to-me brand of acetone-free, soy-based nail polish remover to try from Karma Organic in both the Lavender* (118mL/$16.50 CDN each) and Tea Tree* scents. There is also an unscented version. These are made with just three ingredients: propylene carbonate, an organic odorless, colourless liquid used as a solvent, soybean oil methyl exter, which is a solvent in liquid separations and tocopheryl actetate, which is good old Vitamin E!

Karma Organic Soybean Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Review

Packaged in 100% recyclable dark glass bottles, I have been using these to remove my polish for the last month and it barely takes longer than using acetone-based polish remover to get my nails naked! For creme polishes, just lightly soak a cotton ball and hold for 5-10 seconds on top of the nail. I WAS SO IMPRESSED. I wasn't doing any more work than I normally would even with GLITTER polish (though I tend to use a peel-off base coat) and my nails looked like they had just gotten the most hydrating cuticle treatment! I honestly could not believe how well both of these nail polish removers worked!  

Karma Organic Soybean Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Review

Final verdict: I just...I'm so speechless about these. The first time I used it, I literally said "Holy crap, they work." to my husband. I was so floored. My nails need all the TLC they can get and the soybean oil really seems to help. My favourite scent is the Lavender, but the Tea Tree is wonderful as well. I know $16 is a lot to spend on nail polish remover as it is probably 4x more than a bigger bottle from the drugstore, but if you don't do your nails too often and/or are looking for an effective and natural alternative to acetone-based nail polish remover, please try Karma Organic! Seriously!

Karma Organic is available at Green & Pure Organic Beauty in Vancouver and online. If you have other locations in Canada, I will add them in! 

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