KOREAN BEAUTY | 3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in #Pink

Though I have seen the brand 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) at T&T and on the blogs and YouTube channels of Kbeauty lovers, this is the first time I have actually used any of their products. 3CE is what I would think of as a higher priced Korean makeup brand by Korean fashion blogger, StyleNanda. Whatever makeup product or colours are trending in Asia WILL be in the 3CE product line up I can guarantee you of that! With everything from gel tints for that classic Asian ombre lip or creams and pigments to give you a girly glow, 3CE makes it easy to achieve trendy in just a few steps!

Though highlighting isn't going away any time soon, what I love about the Korean style of highlighting is that the product and manner in which it is applied is still heavily focused on skin. The glow is merely enhancing the skin which is what I love most about the 3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in Pink*. I mean, yes it's still makeup, but there is an element of it that makes me think of skincare.    

3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in Pink Swatches Review

The packaging for all 3CE products is a sleek matte black plastic with the logo done in a "hand-drawn" font.

3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in Pink Swatches Review

The first thing I noticed other than the awesome pigmentation was how this highlighting stick felt a little like a makeup primer. When I blended the colour out with my finger tips, the cream element disappeared, but didn't quite feel like a powder. Instead, I felt like I had a smooth and primed surface. The texture also stopped me from looking oily as the day wore on and kept the highlight in all the right places!

3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in Pink Swatches Review

Final verdict: No, a stick highlighter doesn't look quite as pretty as some of the beautiful highlighters you see in a compact, but I was actually pretty impressed with how this highlighter was more than just about makeup. It lasted, didn't look caked on even when layered and had a weightless consistency that smoothed out the look of my skin. This retails for $23 on Echoo Beauty which from what I have seen on ebay is not too crazy considering where this brand lies on the Korean beauty brand hierarchy.

Find the 3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Sticks on www.echoo.ca

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